L.E.A.P. Summit 2014 - igniting RESILIENCY

L.E.A.P. Summit (Leaders Engaging in Action through Passion)

October 24-25, 2014

University of Northern Colorado

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Fort Collins Marriott, Fort Collins, Colorado

The LEAP Summit is a LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE designed by students in the Center for Honors, Scholars & Leadership in order to teach undergraduates emerging concepts of leadership. Through speakers, seminars, and interactive activities, students will develop action steps to become a more involved and a more resilient leader in their community.


igniting Resiliency focuses on the need for Leaders to adapt and persevere through adversity. It ignites from staying informed, embracing failure, and growing through hardships. This summit will have four breakout tracks focusing on different levels of resiliency in Leadership. CLICK HERE for the biographies of the keynote speakers for the LEAP Summit.


There are four tracks from which students can select:

    • Personal: In this track you will investigate the characteristics of resilient people and the link to leadership. How do individuals not only survive but succeed? CLICK HERE for the biographies of the speakers on the Personal track.
    • Institutional: In this track you will discuss how difficult it is to be a leader in complex systems, [private, non-profit, and public institutions] such as the educational, governmental, non-profit, and corporate institutions. As the nature and complexities of all organizations change, how to leaders quickly learn from problems, recover from failure, and to be resistant to negativity? CLICK HERE for the biographies of the speakers on the Institutional track.
    • Community: In this track you will explore how a variety of communities, from cities to cultures, overcome challenges. How do populations stay healthy, happy, and safe in the face of tragedy, discrimination, and adversity?  CLICK HERE for the biographies of the speakers on the Community track.
    • Global: In this track you will discover the bigger picture: in the ever growing population, industrialization, pollution, food production, and resource depletion how do leaders have an effect on the world at large? CLICK HERE for the biographies of the speakers on the Global track.

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