Research Excellence Awards Information

The Research Excellence Awards program was established to encourage and reward those presentations that exemplify the highest levels of excellence in research.  Only a limited number of presentations were accepted into the awards program, and each were evaluated by a team of faculty on Research Day.  Awards were presented to the top scoring posters and individual presenters within each of the two categories: Graduate and Undergraduate.  The winners of each category received a $200 prize, which is split if there is a tie.

Award Breakdown

  • Poster Presentations
    • Undergradute Category
      • 5 Finalists
    • Graduate Category
      • 5 Finalists
  • Oral Presentations
    • Undergradute Category
      • 5 Finalists
    • Graduate Category
      • 5 Finalists

The final results are as follows from the 2012 Awards:

Poster Presentations

  • Top Graduate Poster Presentation:

Traci Parry, Biological Sciences, Sports & Exercise Science, Faculty Sponsor: Reid Hayward, "Voluntary Wheel Running does not protect against Doxorubicin-induced Osteopenia in the Growing Rat"

  • Finalists

    • Reem Alabdulwahab, Maha Alsulaiman, Shehana Alqafari & Amani Alsalman (Special Education, Faculty Sponsor: Rashida Banerjee)
    • Dan Shackelford (Sport & Exercise Science, Faculty Sponsor: Carole Schneider)
    • Effat Shugdar (Special Education, Faculty Sponsor: Robin Brewer)
    • Andrew Smith (Sport & Exercise Science, Faculty Sponsor: Carole Schneider)
  • Top Undergraduate Poster Presentations: (Tie for 1st Place)

Kate Johnson, History, Faculty Sponsor: T.J. Tomlin, "Spiritual Spinning Wheels: Religion's Role in Women's Spinning Bees During the American Revolution"

Benjamin Lee, Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Ann Hawkinson, "Cloning of Immunoglobulin cDNAs from the Jamaican Fruit Bat (Artibeus jamaicensis)"

  • Finalists

    • Taylor Brevik (Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Mitchell McGlaughlin)
    • Brianne Broughton (Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Stephan Mackessy)
    • Danielle Ingle (Sport & Exercise Science, Faculty Sponsor: Gary Heise)
    • Elia Martin (Psychology, Faculty Sponsor: Krista Caufman)
    • Robyn Moore (Audiology & Speech-Language Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Kathleen Fahey)
    • Johanna Zivotic, Danette Breitenbach & Myraiah Callahan (Psychology, Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Pascoe)

Oral Presentations:

  • Top Graduate Presentation:

Peter Graham, Biological Sciences, Faculty Sponsors: Patrick D. Burns, Josh C. Tatum, Adrian C. Schenk, John P. Nozykowski, Dongmei Zhang, Deborah A. Roess, "Lateral Mobility of Prostaglandin F2a Receptors on the Plasma Membrane of Bovine Luteal Cells"

  • Finalists

    • Danya Carroll (Publi Health, Faculty Sponsor: Teresa Sharp)
    • Joshua Cohen & Lainey Johnson (Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, Faculty Sponsor: Rene Couture)
    • Thais Nicolau (Music, Faculty Sponsor: Caleb Harris)
    • Brent Peterson (Sport & Exercise Science, Faculty Sponsor: Carole Schneider)
  • Top Undergraduate Presentations: (Tie for 1st Place)

Michaela Frank, Anthropology, Faculty Sponsor: Michael Kimball, "Engaged Global Millennials: Preliminary Results on a Qualitative Analysis of a Global Millennial"

Chelsea Matesi, Audiology & Speech-Language Sciences, Faculty Sponsor: Tina Stoody, "The Effect of Presentation Level on the SCAN-3:A"

  • Finalists

    • Lindsey Goldfarb (History, Faculty Sponsor: Corinne Wieben)
    • Christopher Gonzales (Psychology, Social Science, Faculty Sponsor: Eric Peterson)
    • Kelli Johnson (English, Faculty Sponsor: Kristin Bovaird-Abbo)
    • Joshua Metherd & Meghan Patrick (Business Administration, Faculty Sponsor: Isaac Wanasika)
    • Jasmine West (Modern Languages, Faculty Sponsor: Christine Moritz)

The Judges:

The Research Day Planning Committee would like to thank the evaluation teams for this year's Research Excellence Awards.

Undergraduate Poster Presentation Evaluation Team:

  • Sarah Chase, McNair Scholars Director
  • Travis Boyce, Asst. Professor Africana Studies & Social Sciences
  • Kaye Holman, Past Honors Associate Director
  • Kathy Sanchez, Graduate Assistant, School Psychology Ph.D. Program

Undergraduate Oral Presentation Evaluation Team:

  • Michael Kimball, Center for HSL Director, Anthropology
  • Thomas Smith, Dean of University College
  • Richard Hyslop, Professor of Chemistry
  • Bernadette Mendoza, Graduate Assistant and Ph.D. Program ASRM

Graduate Poster Presentation Evaluation Team:

  • Mary Shuttler, Professor of Theatre Arts
  • Sonja Rizzolo, Admissions & Recruitment Specialist Graduate School
  • Anna Ursyn, Professor of Visual Arts
  • Jeffrey Houser, Assoc. Professor of Sociology

Graduate Oral Presentation Evaluation Team:

  • Juliet Fried, Professor of Human Services
  • Karen Hessler, Asst. Professor of Nursing
  • Michael Kimball, Center for HSL Director, Anthropology

The judging criteria to be accepted into the awards competition include the following:

  • Current relevance of research
  • Apparent depth of research – based on abstract
  • Potential interest of topic to the audience
  • Student’s overall record


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