Retention and Layoff Rights for Classified Staff at the University of Northern Colorado

To provide a quick overview of retention or bumping rights, the role of the layoff matrix in retention, and layoff process in general.

Retention Rights: 
The process is very much a seniority based system. The process is in place to establish an order of retention or bumping rights.   
The first step is to sort all of our employees into classification groups.  For example, Administrative Assistants II’s
Next, within that classification, people are put into 3 year time bands of service (not just service in that particular classification) For example:  0-3 years, 4-6 years, 7-9 years, 10-12 years, 13-15 years, etc.
Once people are sorted into 3 year groups in their classifications, then the layoff matrix comes into play. A point system is established in the matrix that determines a numerical average score of the last three years’ performance evaluations. This score is used to establish retention rights within the 3 year band. If results of performance calculation are identical, the next criteria to determine retention rights will be the actual date of hire. The individual hired first has retention rights.

Layoff Process: 
Anyone located anywhere in the seniority bands can be laid off. The decisions are made at the division or college level. The Deans make recommendations to the Provost.
First your supervisor will have a meeting with you to discuss the possibility of layoffs and look for alternatives.
A laid off employee will receive a formal layoff letter 45 days prior to the actual lay off date giving you detailed information including the effective date of the layoff, and listing retention rights in this order

  1. Any vacant position in your current classification.
  2. The filled position which you have retention rights within the current classification.
  3. Any position to which you have retention rights in a previously certified class.

After receipt of official layoff notice, you have 3 days to respond to Human Resource Services if you intend to exercise your retention rights or prefer to go on the reemployment list of one year.
Employees who are displaced by bumping receive 10 business days notice before being displaced.
Additional Information is available at the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration and in the State Personnel Rules.  Chapter 7 Begins with R-7-7 and has five pages of layoff rules.
The State Technical Assistance for Chapter 7 has seven more pages of clarification or you can contact Human Resource Services at 351-2718.

Regarding dates used to establish time bands:

Determining Priorities for Layoff and Retention Rights

R-7-14.  Time bands for each affected class are established for three-year periods based on seniority.

The three-year period begins with the calendar year in which the layoff notice is given and extends backward, e.g., a notice issued in 2002 creates the most junior time band of 2000-2002. Employees in the most junior time band must be displaced before employees in more senior time bands.