Layoff Matrix for Classified Staff at the University of Nothern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado established a layoff matrix in accordance with State Personnel Board Rule 7-16. This matrix was initially effective February 1, 2003 and has now been updated on March 25, 2009 to coincide with the rating changes made by the State starting with the 2006 -2007 evaluation period.  This version will supersede all other versions and will be used to process layoffs of classified employees and subsequent retention rights.
The matrix is used only to rank multiple employees within the same three-year time band. Employees in higher three year time bands have rights to positions held by employees in lower three-year time bands in accordance with the layoff rules. All non-veterans in a three-year time band must be displaced before any veterans in the same time band.
As stipulated by Rule 7-16 effective December 31, 1998, the employee’s annual performance ratings for the last three years are assigned a relative value which is then averaged. To accommodate the fact that UNC will experience a transition between performance evaluation documents used during this period, three relative value structures for performance ratings were created. The relative values from each structure will be combined and divided by three to determine the average rating. Upon completion of this transition, the current plan structure will be the only applicable structure.
The University of Northern Colorado matrix will be 100% performance based. The following relative values had been assigned for each annual rating for current and prior performance evaluation systems. Rule 7-16 requires that annual performance ratings below expected levels receive a relative value of 0:
The following relative values have been assigned to the current evaluation system and is used for the periods of 2006-2007 and 2007-2008:                          

Rating Relative Value

  • Outstanding - 50
  • Successful – 35
  • Needs Improvement - 0

The following relative values have been assigned to each annual rating for the 2005-2006 evaluation periods:                                                                                       

Rating Relative Value

  • Superior Achievement - 50
  • Exceeds Expectations - 40
  • Proficient - 30
  • Needs Improvement - 0

Tie Breakers
In the event that there is a tied numeric score after the above factors have been averaged, actual date of hire at UNC will be used as the tie breaker. 

This matrix will remain in effect until specifically amended or rescinded.