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2016 Holiday Calendar

Attention UNC employees: Home ownership is a goal of many of Greeley’s residents and newcomers. Through a community leadership group organized as the “University District” the City of Greeley has established a pilot program to promote more home ownership in Greeley’s Redevelopment District and around the UNC campus. Within this area, down payment assistance is available to regular
full time employees of the major employers in this area: the City of Greeley, University of Northern Colorado, School District Six, and Banner Health/NCMC.

For more information:

HOPE Homebuyer flyer PDF

HOPE Program Guidelines PDF

Exempt Compensation Project

In 2012 we created our Compensation Identity Plan, one of the university’s nine core plans, in which we articulated a multi-year approach to compensation. In our plan, we determined that compensation decisions will be made using the following three principles:

1. To fulfill our promise of transformative education to students, we must be competitive in the local and national market for talented faculty and staff.
2. We will be forthright with current and prospective employees about where we fit in the market, so they can make informed career decisions.
3. We will address compensation considerations as a central component of the budget process rather than as an afterthought.

As we have been implementing the compensation identity plan, exempt compensation questions about internal equity and external parity arose, and it became clear that additional work needed to be done in this area.  In response to that need, we have partnered with Fox Lawson Associates to conduct a job classification and compensation study of our professional exempt classification of employees.  For a summary of the project and an announcement of the first employee meeting on February 25th, click on the PDF link below.

Communications #1 PDF

Communications #2 PDF

For those not able to attend one of the sessions, there is a taped video you can watch for more information. You must put in a User name and password to get into the video. Information is below along with the link.

User name:

Password: Go_Bears15

Exempt Employee video session



2015 Holiday Calendar

Exchange Notice

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) each state is required to create and maintain a health insurance exchange by Jan. 1, 2014. Health insurance exchanges will serve as a health insurance marketplace where individuals and small businesses may purchase health plans if there is no employer-sponsored health plan or if the employer-sponsored health plan is unaffordable or fails to offer essential health benefits. Marketplace Exchange Information PDF


Statewide Common Hire Date PDF

Effective April 1, 2013, all State agencies are expected to start all hires on:

ANY MONDAY-if Monday falls on a State Holiday, employees will start on the Monday of the following week;


The FIRST WORK DAY OF THE MONTH- if the first working day of the month falls on any other day than Monday.

Invitation to “Meet and Confer” on the Annual Survey Process for Fiscal Year 2014-2015 PDF

Get a tax break this season!

Attached is a guide for Free tax help (from Piton Foundation EITC Campaign) that is available to our employees: PDF