Independent Review Process

In an Independent Review, the hiring authority receives all applicant files and personally reviews them to narrow the applicant pool to a short list.  Those on the short list may be interviewed via telephone or in person by the hiring authority and/or others deemed a part of the hiring decision.  The hiring authority is responsible for ensuring compliance with the University’s commitment to diversity as AA/EO coordinator or request assistance from another trained coordinator.


  • May take less time than convening a committee and working with their schedules.
  • Hiring authority has more control over the process and knows specific qualities required of the job.


  • Hiring authority must determine if hiring pool is diverse enough.
  • Hiring authority does all work associated with hiring process; therefore it can consume a great deal of time personally for the hiring authority.
  • Hiring authority’s decision may be perceived as biased.
  • The decision may not receive “buy in” from those who work for or with the candidate.
  • Because only the hiring authority reviews the initial applicant files, there may be a predisposition to select only a certain types of candidates instead a broader range of applicants who might be better for the position.
  • The hiring authority will still have to do much of the interview and associated follow-up work.


Opening the review : The following forms must be completed and submitted by the hiring authority to the college dean or AVP/Director for approval. Once approved, the request will be entered into the PeopleAdmin system to route for electronic approvals. Omissions could cause delays in obtaining approvals or announcement of position.

  • Position Authorization Form (PAF) PDF / WORD
  • Screening Criteria PDF / WORD
  • Administrative/Professional Exempt Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) PDF / WORD and Organizational Chart
  • Exemption Request (if requesting exemption from Classified system) PDF / WORD

Closing a Search: The following forms must be completed and returned to close the search:
Submitted by AA/EO Coordinator:
Sent directly to HRS - attention Employee Relations

Submitted by Reviewer(s):
Reviewer submits to Hiring Authority:

  • Search Chair / Independent Reviewer Closing Sheet PDF / WORD
  • Position Finalist Form
  • Hard copies of all finalists' files
  • All items listed on closing sheet

Submitted by Hiring Authority:
Hiring authority submits the following HRS as one package

  • Approved Position Finalist Form PDF / WORD
  • Search Chair/Independent Reviewer Closing Sheet
  • Hard copies of all finalists' files
  • All items listed on closing sheet

Note: All of the above items must be submitted to Human Resource Services at the conclusion of the search and offer of position. Other search materials not submitted should be retained in the hiring authority's department for 3 years upon completion of search. Contact HRS with any questions.

Hiring the New Employee: Upon extending the conditional offer to the finalist, the following forms should sent to the candidate. Upon return, the background check will be sent to the Human Resource Services department. Once the background check is completed and approved, the Appointment Letter, completed PDID form, and Personal Data form will be be submitted to the contract originator for the department to enable him/her to complete an employment letter. When the contract is completed, the contract originator will fax or submit to HRS the Contract, Personal Data form, Appointment Letter, and PDID at one time for processing. This will allow Human Resource Services, Information Technology, and Payroll to process the new employee.

Note: Departments that fall under Academic Affairs must submit a Letter of Intent memo to the Provost's office. The Provost's office will generate the appointment letter and send it to the new hire along with the personal data form and background check release form. The contract originator will generate the Payroll Data Form and submit to HRS.

The Hiring Authority will then schedule the new employee for orientation with Human Resource Services.

  • Background Check Release - Must be completed post-offer. Candidate may not start until the background check is completed. PDF / WORD
  • Personal Data Form WORD
  • Appointment Letter WORD
  • PDID Form
  • Letter of Intent memo PDF