Forms for Human Resource Services and common Payroll uses are listed below by topic. Please ensure you have the correct form, as there may be a different version based on classification.

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General / Miscellaneous Forms

  • Access to Personnel File Request PDF / WORD
  • Address Change - Classified PERA Form PDF
  • Address Change - Faculty/Exempt PDF/WORD
  • Employee Authorization and Use of Overtime PDF / WORD
  • Employee of the Term Nomination-Classified PDF / WORD


  • Annual Leave Contribution Transfer PDF / WORD
  • ANTHEM Medical-Dental Enrollment/Change Form PDF
  • ANTHEM Dental Claim Form -being updated
  • ANTHEM Medical Claim Form PDF
  • Domestic Partnership Affidavit PDF
  • Faculty/Exempt ORP Retirement Plan Election Form PDF
  • Faculty/Exempt Vision Service Plan Enrollment WORD/ PDF
  • Flexible Spending Reimbursement Form-Classified PDF
  • Flexible Spending Claim-Health/Dependent Care-Faculty/Exempt PDF
  • Flexible Spending Claim Direct Deposit Request -Faculty/Exempt PDF
  • Injury/ Illness Report Form PDF / WORD
  • Injury/ Illness - WC Physicians Letter & Maps PDF
  • Leave-Absence Request - Classified PDF
  • Leave-Absence Request - Admin-Exempt PDF
  • Leave-Absence Request - Faculty PDF / WORD
  • Leave Without Pay PDF / WORD
  • Medical Certification - Classified Staff - FML Request for Employee's Health Condition PDF
  • Medical Certification - Classified Staff - FML Request for Family Member's Health Condition PDF
  • Medical Certification - Classified Staff - Fitness to Return to Work PDF
  • Medical Certification - Classified Staff - Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave PDF
  • Medical Certification - Classified Staff - Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Service member for Military Leave PDF
  • PERA 401 (k) Contribution Authorization Form PDF
  • PERA Membership Disclosure PDF
  • PERA Enrollment/Change PDF
  • Request for Accomodation PDF
  • Social Security Waiver Notice PDF
  • Taxation Information and schedule for University Tuition Waivers PDF
  • TIAA CREF Deduction Change PDF
  • Tuition Grant at Aims- Employee Waiver PDF / WORD
  • Tuition Grant at UNC-Dependent Affidavit and Request PDF
  • Tuition Grant at UNC- Dependent Waiver Guidelines PDF
  • Tuition Grant at UNC- Employee Tuition Grant Guidelines- PDF
  • Tuition Grant at UNC-Employee Tuition Grant Request PDF
  • Tuition at CSU- CSU's Study Privilege Registration Form PDF
  • Tuition at CSU- CSU/UNC Reciprocal Study Privilege Form PDF

Classified Compensation Forms

  • Base Building Counter Offer WORD
  • Critical Skills Pay WORD
  • Delayed Promotional Increase WORD
  • New Hire Salary Adjustment WORD
  • Request for Exception to Discretionary Pay Differentials WORD
  • Salary Range Compression WORD
  • Senior Level Critical Skills Pay WORD
  • Temporary Pay - Acting Assignment WORD
  • Temporary Pay - Long-term Project WORD

Employee Relations


Appointment Letters/ Contracts

  • Appointment Letter WORD
  • Change to an Existing Contract WORD


  • Automatic Deposit Form PDFWORD
  • Non-Scheduled Check Request PDF / WORD
  • Labor Redistribution EXCEL
  • Personal Services Agreement WORD
  • Timesheet - Classified WORD
  • Timesheet - Student Salary WORD
  • W4 2016 PDF