Employee Resources

Resources based on classifications can be found at the following links:

For Classified Employees For Faculty and Administrative/Exempt Staff

General Benefits Overview

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UNC Breastfeeding and Lactation Support Policy



  • State Classified Performance Pay System Dispute Process PDF
  • Performance Management (Planning) - Classified WORD
  • Classified Rating Levels PDF / WORD
  • Professional Administrative-Exempt Planning and Evaluation Form WORD / PDF


Employees can visit the following sites to find information on Class Descriptions, Job Minimum Qualifications, and Compensation Plans for the State of Colorado Classified positions.

UNC Classified Compensation Manual January 2008

Class Descriptions & Minimum Qualifications

State Compensation Plan


  • Approved Interview Questions PDF

Background Checks:

Introduction to Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9's) PDF / WORD

Hiring Process: Faculty/Administrative-Exempt Positions

Hiring Process: Classified Positions

  • Hiring Guide for Managers of the State of Colorado Personnel System PDF
  • Post-Offer Screening Policy - University of Northern Colorado requires Post Offer Screenings for prospective employees of high risk occupational groups. Screenings are non-discriminatory evaluations designed to give documented information about a prospective employee’s physical ability to complete essential functions of the job. Conditional job offers are extended to individuals and hired upon evaluation results of Post Offer Screening.
  • Hiring Approval & Desk Audit Process PDF
  • Classified Employment Guide WORD
  • Background Check Process for Classified Applicants:PDF / WORD

I-9 & Worker's Compensation Information Power Point