Direct Appointment


It is expected that all full-time positions will be filled through either the regular search process or from hiring pools. Hiring units are encouraged to plan for vacancies and for new positions so that the regular search process can be utilized.

The following process is used in cases relating to emergencies only, and must have the authorization of the Director of Human Resource Services. The hiring authority must get approval via the Request for Direct Appointment form and Presidential Approval form if the salary is over $75,000.

Situations that might lead to a request for authorization include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The search fails to identify a suitable candidate.
  2. Time does not allow for a search, e.g. last minute resignations, deaths, budget considerations, leaves of absence.
  3. Visiting faculty.
  4. To assist the University in its efforts to increase diversity.
  5. Unique credentials.
  6. Succession planning opportunities.

A direct appointment shall be initially authorized for one fiscal year. Reappointment may be recommended by the dean/director: however, it must have the concurrence of the appropriate vice president and approval by the President.

Satisfactory completion of a background check is required after a conditional offer of employment has been made.


  1. Dean/director initiates Request for Direct Appointment form. Supporting materials must be attached to the request (see below) and will include the any additional documentation to adequately assess qualifications for the position.
  2. The request form and supporting documentation is forwarded to the appropriate vice president for concurrence/nonoccurrence, then forwarded to the Director of Human Resource Services, and then forwarded to the President.
  3. If the President approves the request, the hiring unit initiates a letter of employment and background check form to be completed by the selected candidate.

If the President does not approve the request, s/he will state on the form the rationale for the refusal and an alternative to filling the position.

Opening the review : The following forms must be completed and submitted by the hiring authority to the college dean or AVP/Director for approval. Once approved, the request will be entered into the People Admin system to route for electronic approvals. Omissions could cause delays in obtaining approvals or announcement of position.

  • Position Authorization Form (PAF) PDF / WORD
  • Request for Direct Appointment Form PDF / WORD
  • Resume of Applicant
  • Administrative/Professional Exempt Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) PDF / WORD and Organizational Chart
  • Exemption Request (if requesting exemption from Classified system) PDF / WORD
  • Background Check Release - Must be completed post-offer. Candidate may not start until the background check is completed. PDF / WORD