Benefits Overview

The University provides a wide range of benefits for its employees. Although many of these benefits are shared by all employee classes, some are determined by the employee’s position classification, (i.e. Faculty, Professional Administrator, or State Classified staff) and full-or part-time status.

Medical, Leave and Retirement: Look under Classified or Faculty/Exempt Benefits for further details on medical, leave, and retirement benefits.

For more detailed benefits by classification:

Benefits for Classified Employees

Benefits for Faculty and Staff

Below is a list of benefits available for most University employees.


On-Campus Services

Assistance Programs & Departments



Tuition Grants for Dependents: Dependents and Spouses of UNC Employees who are employed as .5 FTE or above are entitled to and eligible for Dependent Tuition Grants. Dependent Tuition Grants will cover in-state tuition charges as long as Satisfactory Academic Progress is being made.. Undergraduate students must register for the College Opportunity Fund to receive the grant. Further requirements may exist. For further details on requirements or forms for the grants, contact Sue Stone in Human Resource Services at 351-2631. Complete detailed information can also be found in the UNC Board Policy Manual, Sections 2-2-408 and 2-2-408(2).

UNC Payroll Deduction Program: Employees may sign up to conveniently have their parking passes, meals, and certain computer purchases deducted from their paychecks.

Recognition Awards: The University understands the importance of outstanding contributions to the campus community. Several recognition awards for all employee classes are given throughout the year from the State of Colorado, the University, or professional organizations representing the employees.

      Benefits and Leave Staff

      Workers' Compensation Leave/Classified Benefits: Stephanie Alsip
      Leave Administrator/Faculty-Administrative Benefits: Julie Nava