360 Review for Exempt Staff

Human Resource Services has launched a professional development tool for Exempt staff..

We have arranged for an outside firm to facilitate a 360-degree assessment for each exempt employee over the next three years. In an effort to keep anyone from being inundated with surveys, we will stagger evaluations over the three-year pilot.

Here’s how the 360-degree assessment process works. All of the data is confidential. The supervisor of the employee being evaluated sends a confidential list of eight other employees – including subordinates, peers and superiors – to HR Survey.com. The eight employees receive an e-mail linking them to an online survey, which should take less than 15 minutes to fill out. The employee also completes a self-evaluation. HR Survey.com compiles the survey results and sends a summary report only to the evaluated employee and his or her supervisor. The report makes it impossible to determine the origin of individual assessments.

In keeping with goals identified in Charting the Future, this new tool is a significant commitment to professional development for administrative staff. Honest, meaningful feedback is essential to making 360-degree assessment a useful employee development tool. I know your time is valuable, but so is your input.

Thank you all in advance for making the program a success.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Stone in the Human Resources Office at 351-2631.