Why we value Social Justice

Latosha Wolfe “I value social justice because I believe that having everyone feel comfortable in the environment that they live in is very important. Feeling accepted and feeling a sense of community is a great feeling. People should feel comfortable to be who they are no matter who is around and with social justice is possible. It would be a perfect world if everywhere people went they didn't fear judgment or prejudice. If everyone valued social justice then that would become possible.”

Latosha Wolfe, Resident Assistant

Michael Eyasu

“I value social justice because I believe in giving everyone equal opportunity by challenging injustice in our daily lives. I believe that social justice is a way of achieving fairness regardless of economic, gender, racial, sexual orientation, etc., differences in our society.”

Michael Eyasu, Diversity Mentor

Olivia Johnstone

“I value social justice, because it is needed to teach residents and students how to respect one and other. This is especially important when the matter deals with an issue of culture and background, because a respect towards diversity, and showing understanding towards other views, is an important aspect of social justice.”

Olivia Johnstone, Resident Assistant


Alexis Tanner

“I value social justice because it has given me the opportunity to grow. I have stepped outside of the box to meet some of the most wonderful people in my life that I might never have given a chance before. My best friends and co-workers and I have made wonderful relationships from me giving social justice a try.”

Alexis Tanner, Resident Assistant

Sammie Harroun

“I value social justice because I want everyone to experience the opportunities that will best help them fulfill their goals and dreams. No one should be discriminated against because of who they are in terms of race, sexual orientation, gender, or otherwise and they should not be denied access to support. For me, social justice is about educating people to our equality and making an effort to work together.”

Sammie Harroun, Resident Assistant

Corey Friend


“In our current society there are a multitude of systems of oppression, privilege, and power that cause disparities and differences amongst peoples. As a Hall Director, I encourage students to be full participators in creating a safe and secure environment in our hall, campus, and greater community. I value social justice because it allows for all persons to co-exist in an equitable, mutually supportive society where all are able to realize their full potential.”

Corey Friend, Assistant Director for Student Engagement, Housing & Residential Education

Jenni Brundage


“I value social justice because I value equity and celebration of human rights, difference and positive social change. I believe it is our responsibility to continue the movement of awareness, acceptance and advocacy for all injustice we see within our communities and within the world.”

Jenni Brundage, Assistant Director of Apartment Life and Operations, Housing & Residential Education

Montez Butts

“I value social justice as a tool and mechanism which helps create full and equal participation of all groups in society. I value it because I feel like I’m sitting on the shoulders of giants who fought the fight for human rights of which I benefit every day.  More importantly, I feel responsible for doing what I can within my sphere of influence to engage in the process of making our society more equitable to all.

I value social justice because it’s too important and I feel like it’s a critical life skill which is needed to compete in a face-paced ever changing global society.   Lastly, I value learning more about myself and others and I truly believe in the Global Village learning community philosophy that ‘I am because we are’ and I feel this is the very essence of social justice work.

Montez Butts, Director of Residential Education