Cultural/Resource Centers

We have many cultural and resource centers on campus for all of our students. Below are some of the cultural or resource offices on campus and a brief description of what each office does. Each office provides support and encouragement to students and helps them to be successful academically and socially.

Asian Pacific American Student Services

Asian/Pacific American Student Services

Asian/Pacific American Student Services (A/PASS) was founded in 1995 to support Asian and Pacific American students and to promote the various Asian and Pacific Islander cultures throughout University of Northern Colorado.

We are the place you can call home. Free use of our computer labs, printer, fax and scanner help make being a student a little easier.

Come relax with friends, watch TV, study or cook your favorite foods. Get involved in some of our many fun events.

Center for International Education

Center for International Education

The Center for International Education provides academic, cultural and educational support for international and American students and advocates for a global perspective on the UNC campus.

Our programs work individually but constantly collaborate to provide the services necessary to support both international students and scholars as well as the growing numbers of UNC students and faculty involved in education abroad.

Our goals and mission are identical: to enrich the education of all UNC students by providing an enhanced awareness of our interconnected world.

Cesar Chavez Cultural Center

Cesar Chavez Cultural Center

Our staff is here to serve your needs and to help you navigate through your college experience. We can help connect you with the many resources UNC offers. It is also a great place to meet new friends and find out about Latino organizations you may want to join.

If you are looking for a place to fit in, we are the right place for you. The Center is a beautiful house with comfy couches, a large screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen and a computer lab. You can also reserve the Center to hold study sessions or club/organization meetings.

Don’t hesitate, just come on by! We’d love to meet you! We promise to make you feel welcome. Pretty soon you will belong to the great familia @ the CCCC!

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services

The Mission of Disability Support Services is to develop a partnership with students, faculty and staff to assist in creating an accessible university community, where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of the educational environment.

We work directly with students, staff and faculty to design an educational environment that is as usable as possible by a broad range of diverse individuals. We greatly value and work to build mutual respect, student advocacy, and opportunity for students with disabilities while maintaining the integrity of the University's academic standards.

GLBTA Resource Office

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans gender and Allies (GLBTA) Resource Office

The GLBTA Resource Office works to create a positive and healthy student life through educational, cultural, and social programs. Through these opportunities the GLBTA Resource Office will foster experiences for student’s intellectual growth, personal growth, leadership, and social responsibility.

Marcus Garvey Cultural Center

Marcus Garvey Cultural Center

The Marcus Garvey Cultural Center aspires to serve as a support group for all Students and professionals here at the University of Northern Colorado. As an advocacy office, the Garvey Center seeks to assist in the monitoring of the academic progress of students of color and professionals, as well as supply them with information to promote a more positive experience at the University of Northern Colorado.

The Marcus Garvey Cultural Center is in place to work with other university organizations to ensure the creation of an institutional environment - both within and outside the classroom - that fosters students' full personal, academic, and professional development.

Native American Student Services (NASS)

Native American Student Services is honored you are visiting our website. NASS appreciates your interest in the activities, events, and other services we do to assist all students at the University of Northern Colorado.

The Native American Student Service Center at the University of Northern Colorado is a vibrant, involved and supportive environment for our students. We provide both academic support and social activities to help our students succeed.

Student Activities

UNC Student Activities

There’s more to university life than attending classes, and no matter what or who you are, somebody here shares your interests and quirks. You can connect with them in some of the 120-plus clubs and organizations at Northern Colorado that cover everything from music to politics, hobbies to sports. Or maybe you’ll discover a new interest or make new friends among the diverse array of academic, cultural, religious, service, sports, professional and special interest organizations.

Build on what you learn in class, learn more about yourself, form lasting friendships and find a place where you belong. The Office of Student Activities is your portal to exciting opportunities for student involvement at Northern Colorado.

Women's Resource Center

Women’s Resource Center

The Women’s Resource Center provides programs, discussions, and materials about women’s issues, initiatives and development.

The Center promotes leadership, celebrates the achievements of women, and raises awareness on the status of women.