Combined Room and Board Rates (Per Semester)

For the Fall 2015-2016 academic year, all newly admitted students with less than 20 college credit hours earned after high school graduation (or equivalent), who are under 21, and are not living with their legal guardian in the local area must live in the UNC's housing system through the completion of the first academic year of their attendance.  (Local area is defined by school district. Included school districts are Ault Highland RE-9, Eaton RE-2, Greeley 6, Platte Valley RE-7, Poudre R-1, Thompson R-2J, Weld County RE-5J, Weld RE-1 and Windsor RE-4.) For more...

Room Type Any Meal, Any Time
(includes 10 bonus meals + $100 dining dollars)

19 Meals/
(includes 15 bonus meals + $150 dining dollars)
14 Meals/
(includes 20 bonus meals + $200 dining dollars)
10 Meals/
(includes 25 bonus meals + $250 dining dollars)
10 Meals/
Week - Upperclass Only
(does not include any bonus meals or dining dollars)
5 Meals/
Week - Upperclass Only
(includes 30 bonus meals + $300 dining dollars)
Tier 1 (Double Community-Style Room)
Belford, Gordon, Sabin, Snyder, Wiebking, Wilson
$5,390 $5,180 $4,940 $4,665 $4,250 $4,020
Tier 2 (Double Community-Style Room)
Harrison, Sabin & Snyder Deluxe Doubles
$5,490 $5,280 $5,040 $4,765 $4,350 $4,120
Tier 3 (Community-Suites)
Brown, Lujan, Dickeson, Bond, Hansen-Willis, Lawrenson 2-Person Efficiencies
$5,723 $5,513 $5,273 $4,998 $4,583 $4,353
Tier 4
Turner Efficiencies,
Lawrenson 4-Person Apartments*
$5,898 $5,688 $5,448 $5,173 $4,758 $4,528
Tier 5
Turner 3- and 5- Person Suites
$6,060 $5,850 $5,610 $5,335 $4,920 $4,690
Tier 6
North and South Hall
$6,251 $6,041 $5,801 $5,526 $5,111 $4,881

*Rates are subject to change pending approval by the Board of Trustees.

Housing communities that may interest you:

  • Pet friendly -Pet Friendly
    Students in this community will have the privilege of having petslive with them in Lawrenson Apartments. This community is limited to dogs and cats and there are specific restrictions. Students are limited to one pet per bedroom and are required to either buy out their bedroom or have a roommate that agrees to the terms and conditions of living in this community.

  • Gender Inclusive Housing Program -
    Gender Inclusive Community This community allows students of different genders to live together in the same room. The gender inclusive housing option is ideal for students whose gender identification and/or gender expression varies from the binary gender paradigm. It is also for students that are uncomfortable living with a roommate of the same biological sex.

Please visit our web pages for more information about places to live on campus as well as other residential learning communities available on campus. You can also call the Housing & Residential Education office at 970-351-2721 or contact us via e-mail at

Dining options during the academic year:

  • Flexible Meal Plan Options: Whether a student lives on or off campus, they have more meal plan options to choose from to fit their needs. For a complete list of all the meal plans, visit
  • The Any Meal / Any Time meal plan will allow students to use their meal plan more than once during a meal. If they want to go in for lunch at 11am, 12pm, and 1pm… they can. This plan should be good for “grazers” who want to have a bowl of cereal or glass of milk at odd times.
  • All meal plans (except the Any Meal / Any Time) are based on a certain amount of meals per week and can be used at whichever meal they choose. It’s possible for students on the 14 Meals Per Week meal plan to use up all their meals within the first 5 days of the week.
  • All meal plans (except the 10 Meals Per Week for upperclassmen) come with Bonus Meals and Dining Dollars and can add more when they run out.
  • Bonus Meals are there for students to use to bring in friends and family – or use them for themselves if they run out of meals during the week.
  • All meals will reset Sunday night, so students will see a fresh set of meals every Monday morning.
  • No Meal Plan Option: Live in Lawrenson Apartments, University Apartments, Arlington Park Apartments or University-Owned Houses, and you are not required to purchase a meal plan.

Please be aware that University Flats Apartments are not owned or operated by the University of Northern Colorado and do not meet the freshman live-on requirements.