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Each learning community is associated with an academic department or student services office. There are many learning communities that are fit for any major. Two different types of communities are available in order to meet your needs: interest-based communities and academic-based communities.

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For students who are biology majors and are interested in developing relationships with faculty or staff in this area. They may have the opportunity to help with research, meet faculty outside the classroom, and will have access to tutoring.

Information about majoring in Biology can be found at the College of Natural & Health Sciences.

Students interested in pre-health fields, secondary teaching, cellular and molecular biology, or ecology and evolutionary biology will find this community to be a great fit.

Students living in this community will also be co-enrolled in BIO 110 and CHEM 111.

The Resident Assistant living in this community is also a tutor!



For students who are declared business or exploring business. this community is for students who want to explore a variety of business experiences, develop connections with student clubs for business majors, and form relationships with faculty outside of the classroom.

Interested in being a business major? Visit the Monfort College of Business for more information.

Students with business majors will be given priority, but exploring business majors are also welcome in this community.

Students in this community will be co-enrolled in BA 150. Students may have the option to take a course together in Spring as well.

The Resident Assistant living in this community is also a tutor!



For students participating in the Cumbres program, which allows students exploring education with an ESL endorsement special access to advising and other support services. Students must be enrolled in the Cumbres program to participate.

Interested in the Cumbres community? To apply, visit this website and also indicate your interest in this community on your housing application.

This residential community is also supported by Cumbres student mentors living in the hall.

Students are co-enrolled in multiple courses that are determined on a semester by semester basis.

Elementary Education


For students with the major of ISET/Elementary Education that want to form connections with other future teachers. These future teachers will have the chance to form study groups and volunteer in the community all while having special access to elementary education professors and advisors.

Students interested in Elementary Education as a major can visit the Interdisciplinary Students for Elementary Teaching for more information.

Students living in this community will be co-enrolled in EDEL 198, MATH 181, and a GEOG 110/100 Course.

Gender Inclusive Housing Option


This program allows students of different genders to live together in the same room.

Gender inclusive housing is ideal for students whose gender identification and/or gender expression varies from the binary gender paradigm. This community is also for student who are uncomfortable living with a roommate of the same biological sex.


Honors, Scholars, & Leaders


This community provides students who are in the Presidential Leadership Program or the Honors Program to live together in a small tight-knit community.

Interested in joining the honors program or the Presidential Leadership Program? Visit the Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership.

Students in this community will be co-enrolled in MIND 100 and have a great connection to honors faculty members all across campus.



This community allows students who want to be campus leaders to develop their skills to support fellow students.

Students who want to be involved in student government, clubs and organizations, or even intramurals will find support in their interest areas and more! Honors, Scholars, and Leaders students are encouraged to choose this community if needs are better met here than the Honors Community.


Performing & Visual Arts


Students who are majoring in Performing & Visual Arts find this community to be both fun and inspiring! You’ll find students participating in all kinds of artistic endeavors, from music to graphic design.


You’ll find everything you need to know about the UNC College of Performing and Visual Arts here.

This community has no formal co-enrollment, but students often share similar course schedules. Students explore the arts in many different ways, and find their fellow students frequently in support of their artistic adventures.

Pet Friendly


Students who are interested in having either a dog or cat stay with them on campus.

This community for first year and returning students and is designed for animal lovers. The Pet Friendly community will be open to residents interested in sharing their space with a dog (less than 40 pounds when fully grown) or a cat. Living in this community without personally owning a pet is just fine! All students living in this community will be required to buy-out their room for an additional $500, even those without a pet. The community will feature educational experiences about pet behaviors, trainings for you and your pet, and even pet socials. Restrictions apply, see our webpage for more detailed information. All pet owners are encouraged to carry renters insurance.




For students who are declared pre-nursing majors that want to live in a cooperative learning environment. Students will have opportunities to volunteer in the community and form closer relationship with nursing advisors.

For more information about the nursing program at UNC, check out their webpage.

Students will be co-enrolled in BIO 110, which will give them the opportunity to form study groups.

The Resident Assistant living in this community is also a tutor!



Spectrum is focused on creating A safe space for students who identify as Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Queer, Questioning as well as their allies. This safe zone is a supportive community that engages in an open dialogue about identity and is supported by the GLBTA Office.

More information about the GLBTA community at UNC can be found by visiting their homepage.




This hybrid interest and academic community allows for students to develop their interest in environmental sustainability. This community is focused on developing a high quality experience for all students while keeping the environment in mind.

Are you interested in the sustainability community? Visit UNC's Sustainability webpage. Students don’t need to apply just let us know you’re interested in living here on your housing application.

You are NOT required to be an environmental studies major to live in this community.  Students are enrolled together in ENST 100, which allows them to explore the academic focus of their interest.

Transfer Community


Transfer students can connect with each other in this community. Students will have access to campus resources, develop networking skills, and easily seek assistance in major selection or other career advice.

Interested in transferring to UNC?
Visit the Admissions Office for more information.


Ubuntu Global Community


Ubuntu is focused on international living and exploring college experiences with a global lens. Students have the opportunity to live with domestic and international students interested in studying abroad. Students explore culture through food exchanges and create connections that last a lifetime.

If you’re interested in studying abroad or coming to UNC to study abroad, visit the Center for International Education for more information.


Women’s Community


This community reserved for all women allows students to form a support network and explore women’s issues. Students form study groups, create long-lasting relationships and find support by partnering with the Women’s Resource Center.

Visit the Women’s Resource Center for more information.