Forms & Documents

Forms and Documents


The Housing & Residential Education Office requires a Petition for Release form to be filled out by the student if he/she wants to live off campus during their Freshman year. The steps for the process are:

  • Once the form is filled out and the required documentation is attached, bring it to the Housing & Residential Education office in Tobey-Kendel Hall, Room 199.
  • Once received, a committee will review the petition for release information and the student will be notified of the decision of the committee.
  • The committee generally takes about one week to make a decision.



Each student agrees to the terms and conditions of the housing contract when they complete the online housing contract. The terms and conditions for each area is listed below:


The Housing & Residential Education Department has a student handbook that explains our mission, vision, values and policies.



A University Withdrawal must be done when a student needs to drop/withdraw from all courses and leave the University. 

  • Students who are planning to drop all courses and leave the University, for any reason, should go to the Registrar’s Office on the third floor in Carter Hall or call 970-351-2231.
  • Students are required to complete an exit survey before the withdrawal will be processed.  Unless this procedure is followed, students will receive failing grades in all courses.
  • The Housing and Residential Education and Dining Services Departments will follow the University rate schedule with the first ten days being charged at the daily rate up to the 25% withdrawal charge.

For complete information on the withdrawal process, please visit the Registrar's web page.