About the Department

Enrollment Management and Student Access (EMSA)

Diversity at UNC



The whole team (and their partners and families) is family to us!  You’ll find us barbecuing, collaborating, and socializing with each other regularly. 

The department of Housing & Residential Education has two directors. One director for Housing Services and another director for Residential Education.  This allows for close collaboration, but also specialization in specific areas.  The Director of Housing Services manages our facilities and facility related personnel.  The Director of Residential Education manages the student and professional staff for the department as well as programming and general community development. 

We wouldn’t be successful if we didn’t collaborate, and both directors work together with the rest of the staff to create our vision and mission for the department.  Both directors also collaborate with other departments across campus, especially with those in Enrollment Management and Student Access (EMSA).


Housing & Residential Education Mission:

Housing & Residential Education creates an environment where students become responsible members of their community.  We provide students an individualized experience and exceptional facilities.  We promote academic and civic engagement, respect for individual differences, and connection to the university and greater community.

EMSA Mission:

Our mission is to work in partnership with the University community in delivering high quality services to facilitate the recruitment, retention, and graduation of a diverse student population. We strive to provide prospective and currently enrolled students a seamless transition from initial inquiry, to enrollment, and through to graduation.

What is Enrollment Management and Student Access?

Enrollment Management and Student Access at the University of Northern Colorado is comprised of many areas across campus that have the opportunity to work with students throughout their entire student life cycle, from their first inquiry with our institution to their graduation. We strive to provide exemplary services to our students and their parents. Enrollment Management guides the institutional policies on student recruitment and retention, distribution of financial aid, quality of campus life and facilties, and the confirmation of undergraduate degrees.

Department Vision:

Housing & Residential Education will be a national leader in providing high-quality, student centered housing while engaging students in innovative residential learning experiences.

Department Values:

  • Inclusive communities
  • Student learning
  • Social justice
  • Civic engagement
  • Facility excellence
  • Personalized service

Ethical Framework:

  • Respect autonomy
  • Do no harm
  • Benefit others
  • Be just
  • Be faithful

Statement on Diversity:

We are dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive learning community where diversity of thought and culture is respected, intellectual freedom is preserved, and equal opportunity is afforded to every University community member.

We will do so by engaging the community in thinking about diversity in its broadest sense as part of all that we do; by facilitating campus dialogue on diversity, equity, and climate issues; by helping UNC develop and initiate institutional strategies for achieving greater diversity of students, faculty and staff; and by promoting University community members' engagement in Greeley and beyond.