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What is the requirement for living on campus?

All newly admitted students with less than 20 college credit hours earned after high school graduation (or equivalent), who are under 21 and not living with their legal guardian in the local area must live in UNC's housing system through the completion of the first academic year of their attendance.  (Local area is defined by school district. Included school districts are Ault Highland RE-9, Eaton RE-2, Greeley 6, Platte Valley RE-7, Poudre R-1, Thompson R-2J, Weld County RE-5J, Weld RE-1 and Windsor RE-4. ) Credits earned through Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) or concurrent enrollment  with high school do not apply towards the live-on requirement.

How do I contract for housing?

Soon after a prospective student has been admitted to UNC, an Admitted Student Guide is mailed to the student. This publication includes an admitted student checklist that details the steps to take to submit your on-line Housing & Dining Contract. The contract should be completed by the student and submitted on-line with the required $200 deposit. Students are able to request the side of campus that they want to live on, as well as Residential Learning Communities and specialty living options on the contract. During March, the incoming students login in groups and assign themselves to their space for fall semester. For students that do not assign themselves, they are assigned to rooms by the Assignment Coordinator.

Web applications for housing are available by clicking on the future students link and then clicking on On-Line Housing & Dining Contract for new students.

What is the deadline for application?

There is no deadline for sending in contracts, we guarantee housing for all students who apply. However, contracts are assigned on a date priority, space available basis, so it is better to send in a contract sooner rather than later.

Can I cancel my contract?

Yes, you can cancel your contract and receive a full refund until April 30th for contracts beginning in the fall semester. All cancellations must be received in writing and written by the student (not the parent). The cancellation can be mailed to: Housing & Residential Education Department, Campus Box 38, Greeley, CO 80639; or faxed to 970-351-1950; or emailed to from the student's UNC Bear e-mail account. Contracts cancelled by or on April 30th will receive a full refund. Contract cancellations received between May 1st and May 31st will receive half of the deposit refund. Contracts cancelled after May 31st will have the deposit forfeited. Contracts can be cancelled up until the halls open. However, the deposit is forfeit. Once the halls have opened, students will be billed for the entire amount of the housing contract if enrolled in classes.

How are deposits collected?

Deposits are accepted on-line via credit card or by mail via check (payable to UNC). Deposits are transferred over from year to year for those students who continue to live in the residence halls.

Can I move off campus at the end of the first semester?

No. Housing contracts are for the academic year (both fall and spring semesters). Students must remain in the University's housing system from August until May in accordance with the housing contract.

What happens to my room contract if I drop out of school?

University withdrawal must be done when a student needs to drop/withdraw from all courses and leave the university.  Students who are planning to drop all courses and leave the university, for any reason, need to go to the Registrar’s Office located on the third floor in Carter Hall or call 970-351-2231. Students are required to complete an exit survey before the withdrawal will be processed.  Unless this procedure is followed, students will receive failing grades in all courses.

The Housing and Residential Education and Dining Services Departments will follow the university rate schedule with the first ten days being charged at the daily rate up to the 25% withdrawal charge.

For complete information on the withdrawal process, please visit the Registrar's web page.

If I take less than six credit hours, can I live in the halls?

Students who are enrolled in less than six credit hours can request permission, in writing, to live on campus.

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Can students choose their roommate?

At UNC, finding a great room and roommate is simple.  You will receive an invitation to join our private Facebook Community where you can start chatting and interacting with fellow classmates that will also be living on campus.  Then towards the end of February, instructions will be sent to your UNC e-mail address on how to select a room. If you want to get a jumpstart on our private Facebook community, simply like our UNC Undergrad Facebook page at and click on the link to join our private admitted student community. 

If you find a student that you would like to be roommates with for the academic year, you will both need to log into the Housing website together in March and assign yourselves to the same room/suite. Remember, the incoming students login by priority date. You will want to find a roommate that is in the same priority group as you so that you can login at the same time and search for a space together. (Priority group 1 students applied before December 31st. Priority Group 2 applied after December 31st.)

If you find someone that you would like to have as a roommate but they are not in your priority group, you have two options. Option one is to log in at your designated time and assign yourself to your space. You would then give your potential roommate your room assignment. When it is their turn to login, they can assign themselves to your room if it still has availability. The second option is to wait until you both can login for Priority Group 2. You would then both log into the Housing website and search for a room/suite together.

When will I get my housing assignment?

Students who currently live within the UNC Housing system, re-contract for housing during February for the following academic year.

New students will start logging into the contract in March to assign themselves to a room. For those students that do not assign themselves to a room during March, the Assignments Coordinator will give them a permanent room assignment with roommate information beginning in April 30th.

How do I assign myself to a room on campus?

In February, new students will need to monitor their UNC Bear e-mail account for instructions on when to log into the Housing website to assign yourself to a room. In March, you will log into the housing website and select the side of campus you want to live on (Central or West) and the building that interests you. Then you will press "Search". If there are any spaces available in the hall, a list will appear with the rooms available for selection. You can select any of the rooms on the list. If there aren't any rooms in the building you want, then select another building and search again.

Can I sign up for a single room?

Single rooms are at a premium! While we do have some “designated singles”, several of these rooms are held for medical/disability situations. Other single rooms are usually spoken for during the “Claim Your Space” process, when current students re-contract for spaces for the following academic year.

What if I want to change my room assignment or switch roommates after the halls open?

If a students wants to move due to a roommate conflict, they should talk with their Resident Assistant. Their RA can assist with roommate conflict resolutions and make roommate agreements. If the conflict is not resolved, then residents should talk with the Hall Director to change roommates, or change rooms. We try to work with students to make the most amicable situation possible. Because of space availability, we sometimes are not able to make the requested changes immediately.

I didn't ask to be assigned to a special interest floor. Why am I?

If you were assigned to a “special interest floor” without requesting it, it is probably because the remaining spaces available were only on this floor at the time of your assignment.

I was originally assigned to a double, why am I in a triple?

Assignments are made by priority date. Triple rooms are assigned last when we have more contracts than we have double rooms available. This is usually a temporary assignment and students will receive a rebate on a portion of the cost of their room until other arrangements can be made.

What is a triple occupancy room?

Triple occupancy rooms can help you save money on your housing! Turner and Lawrenson Halls will have rooms designated as triples for the 2014-2015 academic year. On your housing contract, select the triple occupancy option within the themed housing section of the contract. Student assigned to these rooms will receive a discount on their housing.

Ethnic or religious breakdown – can I live with another person of the same ethnicity or religion?

Room assignments are made based on the information given on the contract; ethnicity and religion are not included.

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What kind of internet access do I have in the residence halls?

High speed internet access is available in each residence hall via a hard wired network port called ResNet.  ResNet is provided to each residence hall occupant with an active housing contract.  You will need a category 5 or 6 Ethernet patch cable to connect your desktop or laptop to the hard wired port.  Patch cables can be purchased at Bear Logic located within the University Center.  Once connected to ResNet you will be guided through an automated online registrations process for internet services.  (You can only complete this process in your residence hall room).  

Residents will also find wireless access available in their Residence Halls via the wireless network name ”UNC-ResLife” and users will need to use the pre-shared key UNCReslife to associate to the network. In the academic areas, students can use the UNC-Student wireless network, and pre-shared key UNCStudent.    For a list of buildings and locations with wireless access or assistance with ResNet please contact the Technical Support Center (970) 351-4357 or click here.


How do I address mail to students living in the residence halls?

Items mailed to students living in the residence halls should be addressed as follows using the appropriate zip code suffix for each residence hall:

    Student Name
    Building and Room Number
    Greeley, CO 80631-xxxx (see list below for zip code suffixes for each hall) 

    Example of Student Address:
    Joe Smith
    North Hall, Room 176
    Greeley, CO 80631-6903

  • Belford Hall 80631-5522
  • Bond Hall 80631-5570
  • Brown Hall 80631-5570
  • Luján Hall 80631-5570
  • Decker Hall 80631-5522
  • Dickeson Hall 80631-5570
  • Gordon Hall 80631-5522
  • Hansen-Willis Hall 80631-5522
  • Harrison Hall 80631-6949
  • Lawrenson Hall 80631-6946
  • North Hall 80631-6903
  • South Hall 80631-6947
  • Sabin Hall 80631-5522
  • Snyder Hall 80631-5522
  • Turner Hall 80631-6948
  • Wiebking Hall 80631-5569
  • Wilson Hall 80631-5570

Can I have mail delivered to my residence hall so that it is there when I arrive on campus?

If you would like to have items delivered to the halls, please time the delivery of items to arrive after the halls officially open. Mail that arrives prior to August 15th will be returned to sender.

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Can I put up my own curtains?

No – Fire preventive curtains are provided for each room.

Can I put in my own loft unit/water bed?

Neither lofts nor water beds are allowed in halls. Beds in the residence halls can be bunked.

Can I have posters/pictures on walls?

Students are encouraged to decorate and personalize their room. Posters and framed pictures are allowed on the walls, but NOTHING may be attached to the ceiling, including stickers and decals. A limited amount of adhesive 3M products for attaching posters/pictures to walls are available at front desks.

Can I paint my room?

No. If your room needs paint, you can request that your room be painted by calling Housing Services. The room will be assessed to determine need/priority by Housing Services. All painting is conducted by the Facilities Operations paint crew.

What appliances can I use in the residence halls?

Compact refrigerators no larger than 6 cubic feet maximum; microwaves of 1250- watts or less may be used. All open coil appliances such as toaster ovens and hot plates are not allowed. George Foreman grills are NOT allowed. All appliances must be UL approved.

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Do I have to move out during semester breaks?

All residence halls, with the exception of Lawrenson and Harrison Halls, close at 10 AM the Saturday of each academic semester finals week. Residents must vacate the premises within 24 hours after their final exam or upon discontinuance as a student, whichever occurs first. Between Fall and Spring semesters, residents can leave their belongings in their room; however, they are not allowed access to the hall/room until the halls re-open in January for Spring semester. Lawrenson and Harrison Halls will remain open during the semester break for residents and, those students residing in other residence halls, can request to live on campus during the semester break for an additional charge. Contact the Housing & Residential Education Office at 970-351-2721 to reserve a space.

Do I have to move out during the Thanksgiving break?

Students can remain in the halls during the Thanksgiving break, however, they must register with the front desk. Meal service is not provided.

Do the halls close during spring break?

Residence halls, with the exception of Lawrenson Hall and Harrison Halls, close at 10 AM Saturday prior to spring break and then re-open a week later at 8 AM on Sunday prior to classes beginning. Lawrenson and Harrison Halls will remain open during spring break for residents. Students residing in other residence halls can request to live on campus during the break for an additional charge. Prior arrangements need to be made to through the Housing & Residential Education office at (970) 351-2721.

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What are the housing options for upperclassmen?

Upperclassmen are allowed to live in any building on campus. However, there are several options available for students with families and/or international and graduate students.

International students:

  • Lawrenson Hall- houses 438 students in furnished and air-conditioned units on West Campus. Many upperclassmen students enjoy staying here in suite-style living.
  • University Owned Houses- Housing & Residential Education manages several single-gender and coed houses located within one block of either Central or West Campus that house a range of 5-12 students per house. For additional information and to check on availability, please contact the Assignment Coordinator at 970-351-2721.
  • Arlington Park Apartments- is located just 2 blocks from West Campus and offers a variety of floor plans. Families are welcome here too!
  • University Apartments- located just 3 blocks east of Central Campus, this complex has 98 furnished and unfurnished two-bedroom apartments. Many families live here during the academic year.

Family housing and graduate housing:

  • Arlington Park Apartments- is located just 2 blocks from West Campus and offers a variety of floor plans. Families are welcome here too!
  • University Apartments- located just 3 blocks east of Central Campus, this complex has 98 furnished and unfurnished two-bedroom apartments. Many families live here during the academic year.

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