Front Desk Information

The Front Desk for each hall provides assistance with repairs, cleaning supplies, movies, games, sports equipment and much more. This is the place to get the best information for your hall and activities that are going on around campus.


To call the Front Desk for your hall, dial one of the numbers listed below: (all numbers listed have the (970) area code)

Arlington Park Apartments 356-7275
Belford 351-2175
Bond 351-2584
Brown 351-2584
Decker 351-2175
Dickeson 351-2584
Gordon 351-2175
Hansen-Willis 351-2175
Harrison 351-2875
Lawrenson 351-2791
Luján 351-2584
North Hall 351-4000
Sabin 351-2175
Snyder 351-2175
South Hall 351-2752
Turner 351-2895
University Apartments 351-2570
Wiebking 351-2042
Wilson 351-2584

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