Triple Occupancy Rooms

Triple Occupancy

 Select a triple occupancy room and save big!

Triple OccupancyWant to save $800 on housing? Select a triple occupancy space. Higher occupancy rooms are furnished with a bed, desk and storage for each student. Furniture configuration will vary by building. Please be aware that one student will need to connect to the internet from the living room VOIP phone instead of the bedroom.

Turner and Lawrenson Halls will receive the following discounts:

  • In Turner Hall, where the room number ends in “06”, bedroom “C” will accommodate two students instead of one. Two bedrooms will be singles and one bedroom will be a double room for a total of 4 students per suite. The 2 students in bedroom “C” will receive the $800 discount. The students in rooms “A” and “B” will each receive a $100 discount.
  • In Lawrenson Hall, the suites designated for triples are on floors 5 17 and the room number ends in either “C” or “D”. In bedroom “one”, the students will receive an $800 discount. The students in bedroom “two” within the suite will receive a $100 discount.


  • Open to all students.


  • When completing the housing contract, you will need to select the “triple occupancy” option within the Themed Housing dropdown list.
  • If you have chosen the triple occupancy option and have roommates already in mind, please e-mail the Housing & Residential Education Office at with your roommates name(s) and the last 4 digits of their UNC Bear number.

For additional questions, please contact the Housing & Residential Education Department at 970-351-2721.


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