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Diversity Mentors

The Department of Housing & Residential Education at UNC is committed to the education and development of student potential, both academically and personally, within an inclusive learning community that emphasizes the connection, support, diversity, and collaboration that makes it possible for the individual to succeed in their collegiate pursuits.  The program seeks to maximize student involvement and learning through leadership opportunities, academic support initiatives, and dynamic programs designed to assist students in their own personal development. The department values inclusive communities, personal touch, student learning, and facility excellence.

The Diversity Mentor position is a new position that was created by the Housing & Residential Education staff in 2009. Diversity Mentors will work and collaborate with all levels of Housing & Residential Education staff and focus their time, talents and enthusiasm on making our residence halls safe, welcoming, and celebrative for all students. Diversity Mentors will seek to create inclusive communities by planning programs and events that deal primarily with diversity topics. Diversity Mentors serve as leaders and role models within the residence hall community by confronting acts of hate, encouraging dialogue among students, and serving as a resource to their peers. 

Diversity Mentors will:

  • Help build a community of respect and appreciation
  • Encourage openness
  • Educate with passion
  • Share experiences
  • Promote inclusiveness
  • Create dialogue
  • Assure dignity and respect
  • Support community learning
  • Facilitate and provide a variety of initiatives and programs highlighting diversity awareness on campus and in the broader community
  • Place a priority on educating students in a way that increases awareness and sensitivity about the differences each student brings to campus

Please see the following job description for Diversity Mentors:

For additional information regarding this program, please call or e-mail Jamie Huddleston. Jamie's office number is (970) 351-3475.

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