To login into the Housing website to fill out a housing application, you will use your URSA login information. Your user id and password will be same same as your URSA account. New freshmen and transfer students who have submitted an on-line housing & dining contract, can log into their housing & dining contract on June 1, 2016, to view their room assignment.

Before starting please note

The date your contract and deposit are received is the “priority date” for your assignment. Hall and room placements are based on your “priority date” and space availability.

Online Application

  1. Activate your URSA account. You will need to use the same username and password from your URSA account to log into the Housing website.
  2. Start by reading the information regarding the freshman live-on requirement as well as meal plan options from the UNC website. Students for AY 2017-2018 will need to pay the $200 Admissions confirmation fee before 5PM the day before they log into the Housing contract. Otherwise, the computer system will not allow the student to apply for housing.
  3. If you are thinking about living in a Residential Learning Community, you should visit the Residential Learning Communities webpage before continuing. Residential Learning Communities typically require you to be declared with a specific major to be eligible for the community. However, for special interest living communities, you do not need a specific major - just an interest in the theme of the living community.
  4. Open the Online Housing & Dining Contract, enter your URSA account login information and password and then click on Submit. If you haven't activated your URSA account, follow the instructions on the left side of the webpage under the words "URSA Account" to activate it.
  5. Read the short introduction and click Enter to start the contract process. Before you can continue, you will need to agree to the Housing Contract Terms and Conditions. If you are under age 18 at the time you agree to the terms and conditions, it is inferred by submitting your contract that your parents are also in agreement.
  6. Review your student information for accuracy. If corrections are necessary please contact the Registrar’s Office at 970-351-2231. Address corrections can be made by logging into your URSA account.
  7. If you have any special needs or medical requirements that the Housing & Residential Education office should consider, please note them in the feedback portion of the contract and mail an explanation and supporting documentation to the address provided on the payment voucher received at the end of the contract process.
  8. Provide the required $200 deposit by selecting either Pay Later or Pay by Credit Card. If you choose to pay later, your contract will be processed on the day the deposit is received in our office. For academic 2017-2018, the housing deposit will be $100.
  9. A payment confirmation e-mail will be sent to your UNC e-mail address once your contract is received in our department. If you do not receive a payment confirmation e-mail, please contact us to make sure your payment was received..
  10. To view the prices for the various residence halls with the different meal plan options, please view our Combined Room and Board Rates webpage.
  11. At UNC, you have the ability to select a roommate.  Prior to filling out the housing contract, you need to get the correct spelling of your roommate preferences' first and last name as well as their Bear number.

    On the housing contract, you will enter your roommate preference by entering their first name, last name and Bear number to confirm that they are someone that you want to room with during the academic year. If you do not have a roommate preference, the Assignments Coordinator will match you with another student by using the roommate matching criteria on the housing contract.

  12. Student housing assignments will be made in the following order:
  13. New students can login into the Housing contract on the Housing webpage on June 1, 2016, to view their room assignment and roommate information. Any room changes made after the initial room assignment have been completed, will be done on a first-come, first-serve, basis as spaces become available. If you are not able to move by the time the residence halls open in August, please speak to your Hall Director for room moves.
  14. For returning students, you will login into the Housing website during the Find a Room process in February.

Requests are honored on a priority date availability basis. If you have questions regarding on-campus housing, please contact us.