Graduate Students

What are the living and dining options for graduate students?

Upperclassmen students are allowed to live in any hall on campus. However, there are several options available for those students who have families or prefer apartment-style living:

  • Lawrenson Hall - This residence hall houses 438 students from many different nationalities in furnished and air-conditioned units on West campus.
  • Arlington Park Apartments - This facility is located just 2 blocks from West campus and offers a variety of floor plans for UNC students. UNC student families are welcome here!

There are several dining options available for upperclassmen students. Some of the on campus dining plans are the 19-meals per week plan, 14-meals per week plan, 10-meals per week plan, or 5-meal per week plan.  There are additional Bear Plan options as well. For more information, please contact the Dining Services office at 970-351-2652.