Committees and Teams

One of the goals for UNC’s HLC self-study is to be inclusive of multiple perspectives and provide opportunity for broad input from various constituents. Toward this end, several committees will be convened and assigned responsibility for different aspects of the self-study. The figure describes the committee structure and flow of communication between the committees and other stakeholders.Self study structure


As committees are convened, the names of those appointed will be regularly updated on this site. The most current list is available here.

To volunteer for a committee, contact Kim Black, HLC Self-Study Coordinator.

Self-Study Committee Responsible for (1) carrying out the President's charge for the self-study, (2) designing and overseeing the self-study process, and (3) ensuring the self-study is completed.

Criterion Committees Responsible for (1) evaluating how well UNC is meeting the HLC criteria and (2) responding to the institutional questions outlined in the President's charge for the self-study. Five committees with each assigned to one of the five criteria will be appointed.

HLC Evidence Coordinators Responsible for collecting and posting relevant documentary and other types of information into a centralized repository to be used by the criterion committees.

Communications Committee Responsible for developing and disseminating web-based, print, and other communication materials about accreditation and the self-study process and results to internal and external constituents.

Assumed Practices Committee Responsible for overseeing the review of UNC's compliance with the HLC's Assumed Practices (formerly Minimum Expectations).

Federal Compliance Committee Responsible for evaluating UNC's compliance with federal requirements for accreditation and preparing the Federal Compliance documentation to be included with the self-study report.

Writing Team Responsible for writing and editing the final report based on the findings of the Criterion Committees.

Electronic Evidence Room Team Responsible for creating and maintaining an electronic evidence room consisting of documents and other artifacts cited in the final self-study report.

Contact Information
Kim Black
Director of Assessment
Self-study Coordinator

HLC Fast Fact
1,336 institutions in 19 states are currently accredited by the HLC.