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The History M.A.

History Student

The master’s degree in history has been designed with several options in mind. It may be taken as a foundation for further advanced graduate work; as part of an individualized program that prepares students for a secondary teaching career; or as a terminal degree. Whichever option a student selects, faculty will stress the development of research techniques, analysis of historical data, and expository writing skills.

Students receiving a master’s degree in history will be competent in research methodology, writing skills and content in selected areas of history. Opportunities include advanced work in history, teaching at the secondary level (with licensure) or in junior and community colleges. Additionally, graduates may apply for professional schools, e.g., in law, library science, theology, museum curatorship and archival work.

The UNC Catalog contains a full description of the requirements for this degree.

Admissions Requirements, Deadlines, and Financial Aid Information


Applicants are required to complete the online application for admission (including paying the $50 application fee) with UNC’s Graduate School:

Applicants must submit official transcripts for all post-secondary education to the Graduate School; those who attended UNC as undergraduates need not submit transcripts from UNC. 

International applicants who do not speak English as a first language must meet UNC’s requirements for English Proficiency, detailed here:

The History Admissions Committee does not require GRE scores.

Transcripts should be mailed to:

Graduate School and International Admissions
Campus Box 135
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO 80639-0064

In addition to the online application and transcripts, the History Department Graduate Admissions Committee also requires:

  • Three letters of recommendation submitted electronically:
    At least one of these letters must be written by a professor who can evaluate your academic work and your potential as a graduate student in history, though our preference is for all three letters to come from professors who know your academic work.
  • A letter/personal statement from you explaining why you wish to pursue a Masters degree in history, something about your background in the subject, and what kind of history interests you.   Submit this via email to
  • A writing sample of at least 15 pages based on research in primary sources.  This should be a history paper and it is perfectly fine if it is one that you wrote for a class.  Also submit this via email to

September 15 – for consideration for admission to the Spring semester
April 1 – for consideration for admission to the Fall semester

Financial Aid, Scholarships, TA-ships

The University of Northern Colorado Office of Financial Aid administers programs in loans and funding that are available to students in the Graduate School.  See the Office’s website here:

The History Department offers some scholarships that are awarded to candidates once they have been accepted into the program.  Such candidates will be notified of their eligibility upon admission.

We also offer some teaching assistantships that pay a stipend and cover a portion of a graduate student’s tuition.  These, too, are awarded to qualified graduate students on a competitive basis once they have been admitted to the program.  

No separate application is necessary for History Department awards; you will be considered at the time of admission.

For More Information

For further information on these programs, contact the Graduate Director.