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  • Mexican-American Studies: (Available emphases: Liberal Arts Emphasis, Secondary Teaching Emphasis.) This program examines the development of Mexican-American history and culture from their origins to the present, including the sociopolitical, artistic, an economic results of direct contact with the United States culture. With this major you can pursue careers in law, urban affairs, business relations, environmental studies, human development and international relations as well as other fields of public service. With the Secondary Teaching Emphasis, you will be licensed in UNC's PTEP program as a Social Studies teacher with Emphasis in Mexican American Studies. An Mexican American Studies minor is also available.
  • Spanish: (Available emphases: Liberal Arts Emphasis, K-12 Teaching Emphasis.) Although most Spanish majors have studied Spanish in high school, you can major in Spanish at UNC without previous Spanish language experience. In your first year, if you are beginning the language, you will start with the sequence of elementary language courses. If you have prior Spanish experience, you will take the sequence of intermediate language courses to prepare for advanced courses in conversation, grammar, and composition. Subsequently, you will complete your major requirements with courses in literature, civilization, and linguistics. In order to gain permission to apply for graduation, a Spanish major must successfully pass the program’s oral proficiency exam. If you wish to earn a Colorado secondary teaching certificate, you will also complete the Professional Teacher Education (PTE) Program and student teach. A minor in Spanish is also available.

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