Comprehensive Examinations

After course work is completed, all students who are granted a "Masters of Arts in Foreign Languages: Spanish Teaching Emphasis" must pass both written and oral comprehensive exams in Spanish. These exams are designed to test a student’s mastery of a broad field of knowledge in the chosen areas of concentration. The exams encourage comprehensive and critical thinking and are not limited to formal course work, but also include material from the Master’s Reading List posted on the departmental website. Written Comprehensive Examinations are given twice a year, once in the Fall Semester, usually in the month of October, and once in the Spring Semester, usually in the month of March. Written exams are given to all eligible candidates at the same time, with individual oral exams administered within three weeks following the written exams. Results are reported in compliance with the Graduate School deadlines.

Our redesigned 3-year course sequence encourages students to complete their programs as quickly as possible, and not stretch them out to the 5-year time limit allowed by the Graduate School. The uniform Comprehensive Exam Policy makes testing available on a regular basis, rather than having students arrange times on their own whenever they think they are ready to take exams. Students are urged to complete their tests within one or two semesters following completion of course work, thereby insuring that the material is current and fresh in their minds, and that they prepare the reading lists in a timely fashion. Not all students pass their Comprehensive Exams on the first try. In keeping with Graduate School policy, a student is allowed to retake a failed exam only one time, and may not retake it in the same semester that they failed it, to allow for additional study time.

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