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     This virtual field trip is a tour of the Ute Indian Museum. The museum is located in Montrose, Colorado.

     It is devoted to the history and culture of the Ute tribes and to the life of Ute Chief Ouray and his wife Chipeta. The Colorado Historical Society runs the museum.

     This virtual tour can give you only a glimpse of the contents and richness of the Ute Indian Museum. The virtual tour will show you some of the items exhibited here. It will provide you with as much information about those items as space allows. We urge you to visit the museum whenever you are close by.

     The Doing History Project staff wish to thank C. J. Brafford, Director of the Ute Indian Museum, and Anne Wainstein Bond, Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the Colorado Historical Society, for their unflagging cooperation during the production of this virtual tour.

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