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     "Colorow belonged to the White River Utes, a northern band noted for its resistance to the invading American culture. Since Colorow's people lived high in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the remoteness of their territory contributed to their dislike of miners and other white settlers laying claim to the land.
     "Led in part by Colorow, the White River Utes played a major role in the Meeker Massacre and its aftermath in 1879. Eight years later, Colorow was also involved in the last Ute war, which arose when a hunting party he was leading some miles away from his reservation was attacked by a hurriedly assemble whilte 'militia' sent to bring a halt to what was claimed to be Ute poaching."
     Source: Text from the Ute Indian Museum.

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Photograph of Ute Chief Colorow (Denver Public Library Western History Collection)
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