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Mountain Men and the Fur Trade

The primary purpose this web site is to provide a virtual research center for Western Fur Trade History. The emphasis is on the Mountain Men in the United States Rocky Mountain region in the period from 1800-50. The first priority is to provide an e-text collection of the most important historical source materials.

The Mountain Men: Pathfinders of the West, 1810-1860

This page was created as part of the University of Virginia's American Studies project. It contains excellent information about the fur trade, individual mountain men, and a variety of maps, among other things.

The Southwest Frontier and the Fur Trade, 1800-1850

This site was created and is maintained by the Jim Baker Party, a group interested in the history of the fur trade. The site contains a number of interesting features including brief biographical sketches of mountain men, traders, and explorers, individual forts and trading posts, and maps.

The Overland Trail

The Overland Trail website contains a good deal of information about mountain men and trappers. Much of this site is focused on the Virginia Dale stage station (near Ft. Collins, Colorado) and other aspects of the Overland Trail in Colorado. However, the links for "Personalities" contains biographical information about mountain men, the rendezvous system initiated by William Ashley, maps of the areas, and much more.

Beckwourth Frontier Days

This website is devoted to living history: Beckwourth Frontier Days was established to honor James P. Beckwourth, an unsung, genuine American hero of mixed ancestry who created a lower, safer passage across the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the mid-1800s. The site contains biographical information, links to additional resources on Beckwourth, and much more.

Library of Western Fur Trade Historical Source Documents

This website is devoted to providing electronic versions of the diaries and journals of many of the people involved in trapping and the fur trade in the early 19th century. The documents themselves may not be readily usable by fourth grade students, but the materials can be culled and excerpted by teachers for their students. This is a treasure trove of first-person accounts.

Utah History To Go: Trappers, Traders, and Explorers

This website is sponsored by the Utah State Historical Society. Topics include the Escalante-Dominguez expedition and the explorations of John Wesley Powell, trappers, traders, and mountain men, such individual mountain men as Jim Bridger, Jedidiah Smith, and James Beckwourth,  forts and trading posts, and much more. Most of the material is narrative-based rather than document-based (on first-person accounts).,_traders,_and_explorers/index.html

PBS: New Perspectives on the American West

This website is devoted to Ken Burns' PBS series on the West. It contains a variety of material on the West generally and on the mountain men specifically. This material includes biographical information on such people as explorers Francisco Coronado and Lewis and Clark, traders such as William Bent, and scouts/mountain men such as Kit Carson.

Fur trappers, mountain men, buckskinners, black powder and rendezvous websites

This site is devoted to links of a variety of Internet resources focused on trappers and mountain men.

The Indian Fur Trade

This site is maintained by O. N. Eddins of Afton, Wyoming. It contains a good deal of information on Indians' involvement in the fur trade and the impact of Indian-Euro-American interaction (including such topics as disease, trade in alcohol, and so forth). It also contains many other conventional topics.

Nathaniel Wyeth's Journals and Correspondence

This site is devoted to the journals of Wyeth, a relative late-comer to the fur trade in the central Rocky Mountains. The first journal describes Wyeth's 1832 trip while the second describes his trip in 1834. Lots of neat information.

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