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Who were the earliest Indians in the Southwest? What was their life like?

    Some of the words you should know as you read these web sites are underlined below. We have defined some of them for you; others you should be able to figure out in the context of the sentences. 

Early History of the
Southwestern Indians
  • What are the two basic theories for the origin of native cultures in the western hemisphere?
  • Why were the so-called Meso-
    cultures important to the history of the Southwest?
Hunting and Gathering
as a way of life
  • In general, how do hunters and gatherers use the resources where they live?
  • Why do these people move with the change of seasons? Why is that important?
 Paleoindians and Archaic
Peoples of the Southwest
  • When did the earliest Indians begin to live on the Colorado Plateau?
  • Why did these people not live in villages?
The Earliest People
of the Southwest

(scroll to the section on "The Desert Culture")
  • The term Archaic means "belonging to an earlier time or ancient."
  • When did agriculture begin in the Southwest? How did farming change the way these people lived?
  • How do the tools of hunters and gatherers differ from those of farmers?
Archaic Tools
Making Stone Points
The atlatl
  • Paleo-Indians refers to the earliest peoples in North America.
  • What were the major tools of these Indians? How were they made? What were they used for?
Prehistoric Peoples
of the Southwest
  • When did the farming begin in the U.S. Southwest?
  • Why did the cultivation of corn, beans, and squash lead to a more sedentary life style for these people?
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