GTP Objectives

The Graduate Teacher Program's (GTP) primary focus is Teaching Assistant (TA) development. Our goal is to use the wealth of University resources to support, guide, and cultivate the TA experience and address the full scope of teaching roles and responsibilities. We offer workshops on the latest classroom technology, best practices, and other important issues, such as addressing diverse learning-styles, curriculum development, and promoting a safe environment. In addition to workshops, we help TA's secure active mentors to provide reflective feedback and professional guidance.

Secondly, the GTP is concerned with the professional development of graduate students interested in a career within academia. This profession, like many others, is ultra-competitive; therefore, it is essential for students to seek out professional development opportunities in order to improve their marketability. GTP programs address the full scope of faculty roles and responsibilities including teaching, research, and service. Furthermore, GTP programs emphasize how the expectations for these responsibilities often differ between campuses.