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Luncheon- Goal Setting: With an Emphasis on Time Management

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Content PictureWelcome to the University of Northern Colorado's (UNC) Graduate Teacher Program (GTP). In collaboration with the Graduate School and the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL), the GTP provides support, guidance, and professional development for Teaching Assistants (TA) as well as other graduate students interested in faculty careers. Our resources primarily focus on current teaching responsibilities, but we also provide development for research, service, and other career objectives. If you are planning a faculty career or a career in business, government, or industry, you will enjoy and benefit from our activities and events.

Preparing Future Faculty

In addition to supporting graduate teachers at UNC, The GTP is a proud member of the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program. The PFF program is a national movement to transform the way aspiring faculty members are prepared for their careers. PFF programs provide doctoral students, as well as some master's and postdoctoral students, with opportunities to observe and experience faculty responsibilities at a variety of academic institutions with varying missions, diverse student bodies, and different expectations for faculty.