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Bear Bag Lunch!!!

Bring your lunch in your new reusable Bear Bag Lunch bag and share your thoughts and experiences with one another.

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A program for all UNC graduate students

  • Graduate Development
  • Academic Scholarship
  • Pedagogical Advancement
  • Professional Standards

The goal of the Bear Bag Lunches is to provide a safe place to talk to other graduate students about special topics. There are two types of Bear Bag Lunches.

(1) There will be monthly graduate teaching assisitant Bear Bag Lunches. That is, for this lunch, we will talk about successes and challenges we face in the classroom. This will be a casual conversation in the hopes to get new ideas from our peers to use in the classroom.

(2) There will be monthly graduate Bear Bag Lunches. These talks will be a casual conversation related to graduate students successes and challenges. There will be specific topics that experiences graduate students have encountered and believe sharing these challenges with others might help with their path through the PhD process.

Finding an Advisor & Committee (Bear Bag Lunch)

Wednesday, March 3, 11 am—12:15 pm, Michener L-73

This “bring your own Bear Bag lunch” session will be a discourse about finding an advisor and commit-tee members. Who are you going to invite on your dissertation committee and what are some eti-quettes in doing so?? Let’s share our experiences and see if we can make these types of decisions easier. Reusable Bear Bag lunch bags will be given to those who attend.

Friday, March 12, 2010 (Friday) Bear Bag lunch 12:30-1:45

This “bring your own Bear Bag lunch” session will be a discourse about graduate teaching assistants and their classrooms experiences so far this semester. Can we help each other with new ideas or share ideas that are working for you?


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