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Heading Examples

These are the Heading and Sub-heading Formats as explained in the MOST COMMON Style Manuals used by University of Northern Colorado Graduate School programs.Check with your research advisor to confirm which Writing Style Manual your discipline prefers.

Examples from the following style books can be viewed below:

The first page of every chapter and main section should start 2” from the top of the page.

Header Length Requirements:

On all centered or flush left headers, no matter which style, the Graduate School Format Manuals require that if the:

Centered Header is longer than 4”, such as this one;


 it should be broken in to two or more lines, inverted pyramid format such as:


Flush Left headings longer than 2.5” such as this:


Must be broken into two or more lines, as necessary, first line longer than the next. Such as:


American Psychological Association Heading Format:


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American Sociological Association:


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American Chemical Society:

from ACS Publications, revised January 11, 2010  (Only 3 levels should be used)


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Conservation Biology:

from Society for Conservation Biology, June 2010


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Chicago Manual of Style – 16th Edition

Use Heading & Subheading format as explained in Turabian 

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Earth Sciences

Program handout based on Suggestions to Authors of Reports of the US Geological Survey


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Modern Languages Association (MLA)

MLA does NOT give more than 1 level in their handbook,  looks like 1st level has a larger font size, since we don’t allow for that, this is the format requirements we agreed upon with involved programs in 2010.


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A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th Edition

(Same for Chicago Manual of Style authors)


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United States Geological Survery

7th Edition (All headers bold)


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