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2014 Graduate Teaching Assistant Conference

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

7:30 am - 4:00 pm

"Connecting your TA Experience with Career Objectives & Outcomes"

McKee Hall

Time What Location
7:30 – 8:00  Continental breakfast and check-in McKee Breeze Way
8:10-8:20 Welcome 
Dr. Linda Black; Dean, Graduate School and International Admissions
McKee Hall Auditorium
8:20-9:00 Keynote Speaker
Bridget Arend, Director of University Teaching, University of Denver
Break (15 minutes) McKee Breeze Way
9:15-10:30 Block 1
B1-1 Appealing to Diverse Learners: Strategies to Increase Learner Retention
Deborah Romero; Associate Professor in English as a Second Language and Director of Engagement
McKee 145
B1-2 Dealing with Ethical Issues in the Classroom
Nancy Matchett; Director of the Institute of Professional Ethics and Associate Professor of Philosophy
McKee 139
B1-3 Managing Expectations on All Fronts: Setting Clear Rules of Engagement in the Classroom
 Angela Vaughan, Director of First Year Curriculum and Instruction
McKee 138
B1-4 Qualtrics in the Classroom
Jennifer Frahm, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
McKee 142 &143
B1-5 Do What I Say, Not What I Did: Learning from One TA's Wild Ride as an Instructor at UNC
Brett Nichols, Social Psychology of Sport & Physical Activity
McKee 137
B1-6 Disability Support Services and Teaching Assistant Responsibilities
Ann Murphy, Director of Disability and Support Services
McKee Auditorium
B1-7 The Role of the Dean of Students Office and Your TA Responsibilities
Larry Loften, Director of Community Standards and Conflict Resolution, Dean of Students Office
McKee 136
9:15-12:00 Block 1 & 2 - Extended Sessions
B1-8 Images of the TA and Building Your Teaching Presence
John W. Haefeli; Adjunct Faculty in Secondary/K-12 Education
McKee 140
B1-9 Blackboard Training and Grade Center: Understanding the Functionality of Blackboard (McKee 101)
Kate Endres; Instructional Designer in Instructional Design and Development
McKee 101
Break (15 minutes)
10:45-12:00 Block 2
B2-1 Teaching in the Undergraduate Laboratory Classroom
Thomas McCabe, Doctoral Student in Biology
McKee 138
B2-2 Developing Grading Rubrics
Nancy Matchett, Director of the Institute of Professional Ethics and Associate Professor of Philosophy
McKee 139
B2-3 Flipped Learning- Maximizing Your In-Class Time with Students
Jerry Overmyer, Coordinator of the Mathematics and Science Teaching (MAST) Institute
McKee 137
B2-4 Teaching Writing in Your Discipline: Creating Realistic and Discipline Specific Writing Outcomes for Your Course
Sarah Allen, Associate Professor in English
McKee 145
B2-5 Teaching Philosophies: College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Linda Black, Dean of the Graduate School and International Admissions
MeKee Auditorium
B2-6 Addressing Students' Emotional Wellness in the Classroom
Kim Wilcox, Director of the Counseling Center
McKee 141
B2-7 Athletes in the Classroom: Understanding Athlete Student Needs and Teaching Assistant Responsibilities
Michael Kallsen, Assistant Director of Academic Success
Mckee 136
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:15 Block 3
B3-1 Teaching in the Undergraduate Laboratory Classroom: Training Young Scientists McKee 135
  • Lessons Learned as a Chemistry TA: Tips and Ideas for Successful Labs
    Brent Ferrell, Doctoral Student in Chemical Education
  • Assessment in Chemistry Labs
    Alexei Leontyev, Doctoral Student in Chemical Education
  • Student Engagement and the Trouble Shooting in the Scientific Classroom
    Victor Kiryak-Klein, Doctoral Student in Chemical Education
B3-2 Dealing with Academic Dishonesty
Susan Hutchinson; Assistant Dean, Graduate School and International Admissions and Professor of Applied Statistics and Research Methods
McKee 140
B3-3 Engaging Students in Active Learning through Carefully Designed Student Activities
Jingzi Huang, Professor in the School of Teacher Education
McKee 137
B3-4 Work/ Life/ School Balance?: Balancing Success and Sanity in Grad School
Aubreena Deforest, Graduate Student Engagement & International Admissions, Graduate School
McKee 141
B3-5 Understanding the Teaching Assistant Experience- A Panel of Peers
Brett Nichols, Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity; Quentin Meyers, Sociology; Additional Student
McKee Auditorium
B3-6 Teaching Philosophies: Humanities and Social Sciences
Nancy Matchett; Director of the Institute of Professional Ethics and Associate Professor of Philosophy
McKee 139
B3-7 Facilitator Tables: International Students and International Student Experiences
 Multiple Facilitators
McKee Tent
B3-8 Facilitator Tables: Multicultural Experiences in the Classroom
Multiple Facilitators
McKee Tent
Break (15 minutes)
2:30:3:30 Block 4  
B4-1 Understanding Yourself as an Educator
William Woody, Professor of Psychological Sciences
McKee Auditorium
  Break (10 minutes)
3:40-4:00 Pick up Certificates of Completion Breezeway


Please read special announcements:

  1. If you have signed, or plan on signing a TA contract for Fall and or Spring 2014/2015, you are required to attend the Graduate Teaching Assistant Conference. It is the TA's responsibility to ensure they get pre-registered and confirmation of attendance.
  2. The Conference is designed to prepare graduate students who will be teaching under a Teaching Assistant Contract at UNC. However, it is open to all grad students interested in learning more about teaching and pedagogy in general. (Persons under Teaching Assistant Contract for the upcoming year are the only students who are required to attend per their contract.)
  3. Questions about the conference should be directed to Cyrus Fernandez in the graduate school by email at cyrus.fernandez@unco.edu


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