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Continuous Registration for Graduate Students

All Doctoral students are required to register continuously from the time they first enroll in their graduate degree program until the semester or term in which they graduate. Doctoral students must be enrolled for at least 1 credit hour each academic semester (fall and spring) to be in compliance to this policy. Those doctoral students not in compliance with the continuous registration policy will automatically be assessed the $150 continuous registration fee each semester.

All Doctoral, Specialists, and Master’s students must also register for at least 3 semester hours the semester (or summer term) in which they take examinations (including written and oral comprehensive examinations or approved equivalent and dissertation defenses) and the semester (or summer term) in which they graduate.

Transfer of credit from other institutions will not be considered in lieu of continuous registration.

Satisfying the continuous registration requirement and maintaining status as a graduate student will allow students to utilize various University facilities, resources, or faculty time.

Failure to Follow Continuous Registration Policy for Graduate Students

Beginning Fall 2011, students who fail to register continuously for one year will be notified with a letter of warning. At the beginning of the fourth semester of non-enrollment the student will be classified as inactive. Inactive students will need to re-apply to the Graduate School, be re-accepted by their program and the Graduate Dean, and pay $150 continuous registration fee if they wish to resume their studies. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Additional coursework and examinations may be required for students who are reactivated.


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