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Why a Graduate Degree?

You may have asked yourself this question many times only to find no clear answer.  At the University of Northern Colorado we understand that individuals who pursue graduate education love to learn and seek multiple opportunities to advance human understanding, advance their careers, and transform the world around them. 

Your investment in an advanced degree will allow you to develop your personal and professional interests, express your creativity, and gain control of your life. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009) reported that individuals who possess graduate degrees were less likely to be unemployed and U.S. Census data demonstrated that annual median salaries for individuals with masters’ degrees were more than $10,000 higher than those with a bachelor degrees, and those with professional or doctoral degrees earned approximately $36,000 more than individuals with a bachelor’s degree.

Still have questions?  Please call 970-351-2831 to schedule an appointment with the Graduate Dean.

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