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  1. The University has established a standard base salary schedule setting a minimum level of pay for all TA/GA/GRA positions, one at the master's level (a student who does not have a master's degree or does not have at least 30 hours of graduate work) and one at the doctoral level.
  2. TA, GA and GRA appointments of 16-20 hours a week during a semester receive full tuition assistance during that semester. Those appointed for 8-15 hours a week receive one-half tuition assistance and those appointed for 3-7 hours a week are not eligible for tuition assistance during that semester. Tuition is based on a per credit hour basis. The Graduate School will pay tuition from 3-10 credit hours per semester. Tuition over 10 credit hours per semester will be the responsibility of the student.
  3. Eligible students will receive non-resident tuition for their first year of enrollment only. For subsequent years, only in-state tuition assistance will be given. Any exceptions to this policy must be requested in writing and approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. Students must apply to change their tuition classification from non-resident to Colorado resident. For information regarding tuition classification, please visit the Residency webpage. For deadlines and forms related to applying for a change in tuition classification from non-resident to Colorado resident, please visit the Deadlines, Process and Forms webpage.
  4. Students are responsible for student health insurance, library fees, tech fees and course fees.
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