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Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is a representative faculty council established to act on behalf of the Graduate Faculty in the governance of graduate programs at the University of Northern Colorado. The overall purpose of the Council is to study and recommend policy on matters regarding Graduate Faculty, graduate students, and graduate studies at UNC.

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

2013-2014 2012-2013 2011-2012
Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes December 9 (pdf)
September 19 (pdf) September 19 (pdf) May 2nd (pdf) May 2nd (pdf) November 17(pdf)
October 24 (pdf) October 24 (pdf) April 18th (pdf) April 18th (pdf) October 20 (pdf)
November 21 November 21 March 14 (pdf) March 14 (pdf) September 22 (pdf)
December 5 December 5 February 21 (pdf) February 21 (pdf)  
    January 17th (pdf) January 17th (pdf)  
    December 13th (pdf) December 13th (pdf)  
    November 15th (pdf) November 15th (pdf)  
    October 18 (pdf) October 18 (pdf)  
    September 20 (pdf) September 20 (pdf)