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Music: Conducting, Wind Instruments, DA

The Doctor of Music in Conducting is designed to help you develop advanced professional competencies leading to a professional performing career and/or college teaching.

Wind Conducting Graduate Students at UNC have the opportunity to work with all the bands and both band directors.  Usually all the graduate students assist with marching band, as well as work closely with one of the band directors (switching assignments at semester).  One or two students are assigned to the Director of Bands, and one student assists the Associate Director of Bands.

Class Formatclassroom

  • UNC Main Campus

Total Degree Requirements

66-71 Credit Hours

Graduate Coordinator

Carissa Reddick, 970-351-1195

Area Contacts

Dr. Kenneth Singleton, 970-351-2276

Dr. Richard Mayne, 970-351-2526

Additional Information