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History, MA

Students receiving a Master of Arts in History will be competent in research methodology, writing skills and content in selected areas of history. Opportunities include advanced work in history and teaching at the secondary level (with licensure). Additionally, graduates may apply for professional schools, e.g., in law, library science, theology, museum curatorship, and archival work.

The Master of Arts in History program is for:

  • Students working to build a foundation for future graduate work
  • Individuals wanting to teach history at the secondary school level
  • Those working toward a career that pairs history with another professional field, such as law, library science, or museum work
  • History teachers who want to advance in their profession

Class Formatclassroom

  • UNC Main Campus

Tuition & Fees

Total Degree Requirements

30 Credit Hours

Graduate Coordinator

Robert Weis, 970-351-2098

Additional Information