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English, MA

The Master of Arts degree program provides focused, in-depth study of literature, practical experiences in literary criticism and research and opportunities for advanced levels of writing. Judicious selection of courses under the guidance of the student's advisor may provide additional focus to the program through special course clusters in areas such as pedagogy, literary theory, rhetoric/composition, or specific periods of interests.

Graduates of the program will be prepared to enter a wide range of fields and/or to pursue additional advanced levels of study such as the Ph.D. in English. The program enables teachers currently in the field to develop special areas of interest, to pursue these in depth, and to enhance their skills in teaching, research, and writing. In addition, graduates can pursue professional study in law, theology, medicine (with appropriate science and mathematics preparation), library science, communications, media, and business. The M.A. in English is excellent preparation for any profession or occupation that stresses language usage, such as writing.

Class Formatclassroom

  • UNC Main Campus

Tuition & Fees

Total Degree Requirements

33 Credit Hours

Graduate Coordinator

Kenneth Chan, Ph.D., 970-351-2130

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