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We're so excited for the some of the recent additions to the Safe Zone curriculum, which will include more gender identity content!

Safe Zone is a three hour training designed to educate and empower participants to be agents of change against issues faced by individuals in the Queer and/or Trans* communities. While creating “safe spaces” for Queer and Trans* individuals is the long-term goal, it is not fair to guarantee safety to anyone. Our program works to inspire folks to craft their own strategy for being affirming and inclusive individuals for others. By doing so, we hope to create a network of folks who are dedicated to creating and sustaining a long-term safe community.

The goals of the Safe Zone program are:

  • To educate participants on the meaning of various terms, identities, and concepts in relation to sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and gender identity.
  • To spread awareness of the challenges that folks who identify in the Queer and/or Trans* communities have faced and/or are more likely to face.
  • To facilitate an opportunity for participants to figure out their part in creating change to alleviate some of those challenges.

These trainings are free and open to students, staff, and faculty at UNC. Keep in mind that completing the entire training is mandatory to receive a Safe Zone certificate. Each training hosts between 16 to 20 participants.


The GLBTA Resource Office is located in Room 2048 in Student Activities at the University Center and is staffed part-time.


Mon-Fri, 9am - 2pm

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