GLBTA Speaker's Bureau

The GLBTA Speakers Bureau consists of diverse students from the UNC gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and ally population. The goal of the Speakers Bureau is to create opportunities that facilitate dialogue and exposure to the issues facing the diverse GLBTA population.


Information is provided to the UNC community through classroom panels where members of the Speakers Bureau share testimonials and participate in question and answer sessions with their peers.

Panels create opportunities to educate students about the issues facing the GLBT community. Through audience guided questions, students are involved in the direction of the panel’s content. Panels are intended to be an informative session where participants can feel free to ask questions and gain an understanding of the issues facing the GLBT community.  The diverse backgrounds of the Speakers Bureau makes paneling an important educational and cultural experience.

Don't take our word for it, hear actual responses from audiences surveyed.

Feedback from others

"The panel was great! The presenters were articulate, funny, and informative!"

"I personally feel more comfortable after having discussions about these subjects."

"I thought the panel discussion was really good. I'm glad I had the opportunity to hear from the GLBTA community because I had no idea what it exactly was, or what they did."

"I thought the presentation was great, it let us ask questions."

Campus fact:

Of the students who answered the survey question, “Was the panel discussion your first exposure to the GLBTA community?” 42% of students answered yes and 93% of students reported feeling more informed about the GLBTA communities.


The GLBTA Resource Office is located in Room 2048 in Student Activities at the University Center and is staffed part-time.


Mon-Fri, 9am - 3pm


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