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Happy Finals UNC Bears!

On behalf of the GLBTA Resource Office team we would like to thank each and every one of you for such an incredible semester! We have seen students coming out in waves to show their support for GLBT students on campus. We hope that all of you have a joyous holiday season and we look forward to seeing you after the new year! No go out there and rock your finals!

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Semester Event Recap: What we did this semester!

World AIDS Day 2013

World AIDS Day was the final event of the year for GLBTA, and it was a huge hit! Thank you to everyone that stopped by the table in the UC and signed our petition to end blood donation discrimination in the United States. We received over a hundred signatures from students, staff, and supporters from around the community. Besides the petition the hot chocolate was a huge hit and we hope that if keep each and every single student warm as they walked across campus in arctic like temperatures.

Two Spirit Evening

GLBTA hosted a night full of education and experience with the support from the Native American Student Services and the UNC Anthropology Department. GLBTA Hosted an evening that was meant to discuss the important role “two spirit” individuals have in Native American Culture. We were proud to host the National Two Spirit Cultural Exchange for this event! They provides such great information and left students feeling more informed about GLBT individuals in Native American culture.

GLBT History Month

October was GLBT history month and the GLBTA Resource Office spared no expense to make sure that each and every student had the opportunity to experience the amazing events that we present for students to honor GLBT past, future, and present. Events included everything from an opera about the stonewall riots to a commemorative lunch dedicated to thanking heterosexual allies.

Home ”coming” Out

The GLBTA Resource Office hosted an event prior to the homecoming bonfire where students were given the opportunity to experience the coming out process. Their experiences either reflected that of a positive one and some reflected a harder time for GLBT students as they come out. The night was full of wonderful conversation and support form students around campus.



Just a quick heads up for all you graduating seniors, if you plan on graduating this December and you identify within the GLBT community then we have something for you! Add a rainbow tassel to complete your graduation ensemble! We have a limited number and they will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. So don't delay! Stop by the GLBTA Resource Center to claim your rainbow tassel and show your pride on graduation day!

Two Spirit Evening Power Point Attachment!

Attached in this newsletter is the PowerPoint from our Two Spirit Evening courtesy of the Anthropology department and the National Two Spirit Cultural Exchange. If you would like more information about “Two Spirit” Individuals check out the PowerPoint or visit the National Two Spirit Cultural Exchange website.

  • ENG 495: Queer Theory to be offered next semester!
    In attempting to unravel and complicate our basic assumptions of gendered and sexual identities, this course engages some of the key theoretical concepts that have emerged since the 1980s in queer theory and studies. The theorists whose work we will be reading include Judith Butler, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Marjorie Garber, Michel Foucault, Leo Bersani, Lee Edelman, and Michael Warner. To engage these theories, we will also be looking at a range of texts from literary, aesthetic, and popular cultures, including film, television, theater, music, art, and advertisements (with cinema constituting the main media emphasis). We will be discussing Angels in America, Brokeback Mountain, Calamity Jane, I Love You Phillip Morris, The Kids Are All Right, My Own Private Idaho, Rope, and Transamerica, among other titles. If you would like more information click the link below to email Professor Kenneth Chan.
    Email Professor Kenneth Chan
  • Study for gay men!

A study has been approved at UNC and are looking for participants. The study will be looking at the barriers to exercise among gay men. This study will be conducted by graduate students in UNC’s School of Human Sciences.

Please let us know if there is any additional information we can provide. Thank you so much again for your willingness to help us recruit for this important research!

If you are interested in taking place in this study click the link below to email Meagan Cain for more information on how to get involved.
Email Meagan Cain


D1scover You is an eight week group that brings together first generation students and/or students who are eligible to receive a Pell grant. This group will explore personal identities and how they relate to major and career decision making. During this group, we will explore current and future career and educational interests and provide participants with the opportunity to gain further knowledge of career possibilities. D1scover You’s ultimate goal is to give students the knowledge and skills to make confident career decisions for a lifetime.

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