Kayla, Class of 2018

Kayla, Class of 2018

Student Advancement Ambassador


Kayla is pursuing a degree in Sociology with a minor in Gender Studies. 

Why did you choose UNC?

“I am from Hawaii, and I ended up at UNC because I wanted to experience living on my own. I chose to attend UNC for all four years because I really enjoyed the classes that are offered here. I love that you get to experience the four seasons here in Greeley. What has really made my experience special was joining an organization here on campus. I am currently an active member of a multicultural sorority and this has truly made my experience special.”

What is your favorite story told to you by an alumnus/donor?

"One story that a donor told me was when they had “Welcome Week” during his freshmen year. During one event, an icebreaker they had was making everyone take one shoe off and put it in a pile. Once it was in a pile, they had to choose a random shoe and find the person who owns that shoe. It sounded interactive and very interesting to be a part of. He said it was fun, and that was one very memorable memory when he attended UNC."