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Scholarships are the number one priority at UNC. Eighty percent of UNC’s incoming freshmen are eligible for financial aid and 47 percent of our students receive scholarships.
One-third of UNC students are the first in their family to attend college where they experience life-changing opportunities that prepare them to be leaders in their profession and communities. As public support for higher education shrinks, UNC is ever more reliant on private support to offer the high-quality, accessible, education that our students deserve.


UNC’s expert faculty members are dedicated to the success of our students and enhance their classrooms with real-world experience, personal attention, and hands-on research.
Hiring and retaining educators who will lead our students through the rigors, traditions and successes of their college experience are invaluable to UNC. Giving supports endowed positions, visiting scholars, faculty recruitment and retention, professional development and faculty support to ensure our students are taught by the best in their fields.


Our graduates emerge as the core of a professional and practical work force that fuels our economy and supports our social structure. Business visionaries walk from Monfort College of Business into boardrooms across the country where they shape policy, advance new technology, and provide leadership.  Partnerships with local health providers serve the public and benefit from UNC’s innovations and leading edge practices. Schools across the state and around the world welcome UNC’s teacher graduates and employ pioneering techniques and programs developed here. Performing arts graduates entertain audiences across the country deepening our cultural conscious.


Relevant degree curriculum, hundreds of degree programs, innovative research initiatives and professional mentorships prepare our students for success in an ever-changing and competitive world. UNC is home to a variety of centers and institutes that lead the way in research, offer community services, and provide professional development opportunities for students and professionals in a variety of fields.

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From Our President Kay Norton

We must invest our resources in the success of our students. They are our future—and the future of our communities.

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