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Internship Program

An Internship Program is available for students interested in GIS or planning.

Powell Club

The Powell Club is a UNC student organization open to students interested in geography.

The goals of the organization spread through an array of subjects relating from social sciences to the physical environment. The general conception is that geography is the identification of places on maps, but in truth, it just a fraction of the scheme of things. Geography is everything people are doing in their everyday lives, from the social tendencies and interactions in a certain place to the physical change of the earth’s environment, whether natural or manmade. These change every day, so geography is an evolving field which everyone has a say in, whether they are conscious of that or not. In short, Powell club exists to spread the true depth of Geography, a subject that has been misrepresented by the memorization of capitals and place locations. Club members also participate in National Geography Awareness Week and attend professional conferences.

Projects that the Powell Club plan to work on are as follows:

  • Collecting old technology (like cell phones) to send to Cuba. Cuba has a massive lack of electronics, such as GPS devices and cell phones, which could greatly improve education.
  • Working with for International Bike month.
  • Hosting Geography movie screenings.

If you are interested in participating in Powell, contact information is provided below.

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  • Field Geography River trip YouTube