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Can I view the internet mapping sites with a Mac Short answer is MAYBE.  ArcIMS requires Internet Explorer or Netscape version 4.x or higher and works best on Windows machines.  If using Internet Explorer for MAC version 5.2 or above you may be redirected to a more direct link to the internet mapping window.  Click on the link and be patient.  Even with broadband speed the first time the window comes up can take 1-2 minutes.  After that it should go fairly fast.  Sometimes it is necessary to try a second time.  Make sure to have any popup blockers disabled.

Can I use other MAC browsers to view the site?  We have had varying reports on this.  A recent viewer said she had no problems using Camino, Mozzilla, or Netscape.  If you are using a Mac with the Safari browser the sites may work, but with a few functions inactivated (such as the measure tool).

Please email us with your MAC experiences--so that we can improve the sites availability to MAC users.

If possible, we recommend you use a PC with a relatively current version of IE or Netscape, OR, write to us for the CD (which includes ArcExplorer).  More to come on this topic as we research the issue.

I don't see the answer to my problem here.  Help!  See the e-mail address below.

How do I find out more about the technical side of this project?  Send an e-mail to david.diggs@unco.edu if you'd like to know more about the modifications made to the ArcIMS programs that were made to get the maps to look as they do.

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